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Women's World Cup in Germany

Facts about the Women's Soccer World Cup 2011

The sixth FIFA Women's World Cup in soccer takes place in Germany from 26 June 2011 to 17 July 2011. Nine German cities host this most important international tournament in women's football. In Germany the competition is known as Frauenfußball Weltmeisterschaft, or Fußball Weltmeisterschaft der Frauen.

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Are you like me? I am only interested in soccer when the big international tournaments are on, the world cup and the Olympics, that's it. I have my favourite teams in the Fußball Bundesliga, but I don't watch any football matches on TV. I check the charts occasionally, and that is all.

However, being a woman, I think the Women's World Cup should at least get the same promotion than the male counterpart. So I thought I'll pay attention for the lady's tournament here on the Germany Facts Guide.

Come on, support your country's girls! Take this opportunity to visit one, or more, of the 9 German cities that host the Women's World Cup 2011. Let's have a party as colourful and cheerful as during the Men's World Cup in Germany a few years ago.

Facts & records around the Women's World Cup

Fußball, as we call soccer, is cult in the men's world in Germany. When women began to play soccer they were laughed at by men, of course. Women wearing a football dress (short trousers) was considered as unacceptable. The DFB (German Football Association) forbade official matches for women in 1955. This ban lasted until 1970. Nevertheless, about 70 inofficial international matches were played by female German football teams during this ban.

Women's football still doesn't receive the recognation and support it should get, however, things are changing slowly.

  • The first Women's World Championship was held in China 1991. The United States won the tournament.
  • The US national team has been the most successful so far. They participated in all five world cups and always reached the semi-finals. The US ladies won 2 tournaments (1991, 1999).
  • The German national team has also been very successful. They participated in 4 tournaments and won two (2003, 2007).
  • Winner of the 5th world cup was Norway (1995).
  • The USA leads the scoreboard with 85 goals followed by Germany with 84 goals scored.
  • Kristine Lilly (USA) and Bente Nordby (Norway) played 5 tournaments.
  • Germany's captain Birgit Prinz scored 14 goals in four world cup competitions and is leading the overall list of top goalscorers. Birgit Prinz is also the only player who has taken part in three finals.
    With 208 matches in the national team and 128 goals Birgit is the most successful German player.
  • Steffi Jones, a former player for the national team, and one of the most successful players with her 1. FFC Frankfurt team, is president of the organisation committee of the 2011 Women's World Cup in Germany.

2011 Woman's World Cup locations

map of woman's world cup locations
Map: By Lencer from Wikimedia Commons (License CC-BY-SA-3.0)
The tournament will be held in 9 cities throughout Germany.

The Olympic Stadium in Berlin is the venue of the opening match Germany v Canada on 26 June 2011.
Don't miss the many tours and attractions in my Berlin travel guide. Berlin has much more to offer than soccer :):

The final match will be held at Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt (the former Waldstadion) on 17 July 2011. Take the chance and explore Frankfurt's attractions.

  • Augsburg in Bavaria hosts three preliminary matches and one quarterfinal between the winners of group C and runners-up of group D.
  • Berlin - the largest stadium of the tournament hosts only the opening match.
  • Bochum in North Rhine-Westphalia hosts four group matches, one from each group.
  • Dresden in Saxony is host of three preliminary matches and the quarterfinal between the winners of group D and runners-up of group C
  • Frankfurt am Main in Hessen hosts two group matches, one semi-final and the final.
  • Leverkusen in North Rhine-Westphalia hosts three group matches and the quarterfinal between winners of group B and the runners-up of group A.
  • Mönchengladbach in North Rhine-Westphalia has two group matches and one semi-final.
  • Sinsheim in Baden-Württemberg has three preliminary matches and the third place play-off.
  • Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony hosts three group matches and the quarterfinal between the winners of group A and the runners-up of group B.

Participating Teams of the 6th Women's World Cup

15 teams qualified for the tournament while the German team got automatic qualification as the hosts and current champion.
The tournament begins with the "Group Stage". Four teams in each group play against each other. The two top teams in each group qualify for the "Knockout Stage".

The list of the 16 national teams of the 2011 tournament their with positions and results of the last world cup 2007.

Group A

  • Germany - current world champion
  • France
  • Canada
  • Nigeria

Group C

  • United States - 3rd position 2007
  • Colombia
  • Sweden
  • North Korea - Quarterfinals participant

Group B

  • England - Quarterfinals participant
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • New Zealand

Group D

  • Australia - Quarterfinals participant
  • Brazil - 2007 runner-up
  • Norway - 4th position
  • Equatorial Guinea

Results of the Women's World Cup 2011

Group Stage

Group A - matches

  • 26.06. Nigeria - France 0:1
  • 26.06. Germany - Canada 2:1
  • 30.06. Germany - Nigeria 1:0
  • 30.06. Canada - France 0:4
  • 05.07. France - Germany 2:4
  • 05.07. Canada - Nigeria 0:1

  • Chart positions Group A

    1. Germany
    2. France
    3. Nigeria
    4. Canada

    Group C - matches

  • 28.06. USA - Korea 2:0
  • 28.06. Colombia - Sweden 0:1
  • 02.07. USA - Colombia 3:0
  • 02.07.Korea - Sweden 0:1
  • 06.07. Sweden - USA 2:1
  • 06.07. Korea - Colombia 0:0

  • Chart positions Group C

    1. Sweden
    2. USA
    3. Korea
    4. Colombia

    Group B - matches

  • 27.06. Japan - New Zealand 2:1
  • 27.06. Mexico - England 1:1
  • 01.07. Japan - Mexico 4:0
  • 01.07. New Zealand - England 1:2
  • 05.07. England - Japan 2:0
  • 05.07. New Zealand -Mexico 2:2

  • Chart positions Group B

    1. England
    2. Japan
    3. Mexico
    4. New Zealand

    Group D - matches

  • 29.06. Brazil - Australia 1:0
  • 29.06. Norway - Equatorial Guinea 1:0
  • 03.07. Brazil - Norway 3:0
  • 03.07. Australia - Equatorial Guinea 3:2
  • 06.07. Equatorial Guinea - Brazil 0:3
  • 06.07. Australia - Norway 2:1

  • Chart positions Group D

    1. Brazil
    2. Australia
    3. Norway
    4. Equatorial Guinea

    • 09.07.2011 in Wolfsburg: Germany vs Japan - 0:1 after 120 minutes.
      Germany dropped out of the tournament. It is disappointing for the German fans, nevertheless, congratulations to Japan.
    • 09.07.2011 in Leverkusen: England vs France - 4:5 after penalty shoot out.
      The match had to go into extra time after a 1:1 draw. After 120 minutes the match had to be decided by penalty shoot out. France scored 4, England 3 penalties.
    • 10.07.2011 in Augsburg: Sweden vs Australia - 3:1 in regular time.
    • 10.07.2011 in Dresden: Brazil vs USA - 5:7 after penalty shoot out.
      What a thriller! 1:1 draw after 90 minutes, 2:2 after extra time, the penalty shoot out ended 3:5 and dropped Brazil out of the tournament.

    • 13.07.2011 in Mönchengladbach: France vs USA - 1:3 (regular time)
    • 13.07.2011 in Frankfurt: Japan vs Sweden - 3:1 (regular time)

    Match for Third Place (second final)
    • 16.07.2011 in Sinsheim: Sweden vs France - 2:1 (regular time)

    Final Match
    • 17.07.2011 in Frankfurt: Japan vs USA - 5:3 What a great final! 1:1 draw after 90 minutes, 2:2 after extra time, the penalty shoot out ended 3:1
    • Congratulations to Japan for winning the 6th Women's World Cup in Germany! Congratulations also to the team of the USA. Both teams played a fantastic tournament.
    I hope you all enjoyed the Woman's World Cup in Germany.

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