Frankfurt Christmas Market

Visit Frankfurt for an enchanting Christmas market experience

Frankfurt Christmas market is one of the most beautiful in Hessen, and one of the oldest Christkindchesmarkets in Germany.

Many German cities and towns have a marvellous backdrop of historic houses and beautiful places for their Weihnachtsmärkte. However, look at the photos, the scenery and atmosphere on the Römerberg in Frankfurt is especially enchanting.

A gingerbread stall in front of half-timbered houses at the Frankfurt Christmas marketLebkuchen - Gingerbread stall at the Römerberg

If the Frankfurt Christmas market doesn't put you into high spirits and into a special festive mood, there won't be hardly any other Christmas market in Germany to accomplish this.

Take a stroll across the market, listen to Christmas carols and church bells, smell the aroma of roasted chestnuts and almonds, cinnamon stars, mulled wine and Feuerzangenbowle.
Let the charm of the Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt embrace you, and bring back memories of bygone days.

History of the Frankfurt Christmas Market

Proof of a Weihnachtsmarkt in Frankfurt goes back as far as 1393. That is a long tradition, isn't it? Certainly, the Christmas markets at that time were by far not so big, colourful and inspirational as they are today.

The early Christkindchensmarktets in Frankfurt were a source for the locals to purchase essential supplies before winter hit hard. The golden rule was that only citizens of Frankfurt could trade their products on the market.

The custom of erecting Christmas trees started in the 19th century. At this time the Weihnachtsmarkt in Frankfurt already resembled the wonderful market of today. Small stalls offered only Christmas related articles, wooden toys, rocking horses, small carts and dolls made from cloth. It was a common tradition among parents to buy children's toys at the Christmas market.

During WWII the historic houses on the Römerberg were destroyed, and the market was held at several locations in Frankfurt during the post-war period. In the 1970s Frankfurt Christmas market moved back to its traditional home at the Römerberg and has been there ever since. Parts of the beautiful half-timbered houses have been rebuilt to its former glory.
Since then the Frankfurt Christmas market has become an attraction for locals and international visitors alike.

Details of the nostalgic merry-go-round at the Frankfurt Christmas marketThe nostalgic merry-go-round

Attractions of the Frankfurt Christmas Market 2019

The modern Weihnachtsmarkt stretches from the Zeil shopping mall to the Römerberg and down to the river Main. More than 200 beautifully decorated stalls catch visitor's attention. The huge Christmas tree in front of the Römer is the pride of the locals. With thousands of lights the tree adds to the festive atmosphere of the market.

Christmas market scenery and a tall Christmas tree on front of the Römer city hall in FrankfurtThe huge tree in front of the Römer city hall

The official opening by Frankfurt's mayor is on 25th November 2019, at 17:00, at the stage in front of the city hall.

Chiming of Church Bells (Frankfurter Stadtgeläut) - Christmas and church bells belong together. Listen to the chiming of Frankfurt's 50 church bells (from 10 churches) on the Saturday before the 1. Advent, 16:30 to 17:00 and 24th December 17:00 to 17:30.
Take a walk from the Römer down to the Main to get a different sound experience as you can't hear the bells of all churches at one place.

Carillon (Glockenspiel) of St. Nicholas' Church - Apart from its 4 bells which are in tune with the other church bells, St. Nicholas Church also has a carillon of smaller 47 bells. Listen to the carillon daily at 09:05, 12:05 und 17:05.

Frankfurt artists are featured in the Römerhallen during the Christmas market.

Christmassy merry-go-rounds, toys and sweets keep the kids happy. Of course Nikolaus (Santa Claus) visits the market as well. Meet him on 6th December from 17:30 on the Römerberg stage.

Traditional Frankfurt Christmas cookies include Bethmännchen, Brenten and Quetschemännsche. The latter are made from nuts and dried plums, while the others are made from marzipan.

Visitor Information

You can take part in a guided walk around the Christmas market, get a stunning overview from the tower of the old Nicolai church, and listen to stories about Frankfurt and famous people.
The Weihnachtsmarkt walk is held on Saturdays & Sundays (available with an English guide as well) at 11:30 and 13:30. Meeting place is the tourist information on Römerberg.

Nicolai church and restored houses at Römerberg are the romantic backdrop of the Weihnachtsmarkt in FrankfurtWeihnachtsmarkt in Frankfurt at the Römerberg

Enjoy the Frankfurt Christmas market.

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