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Basic German Words

German Numbers, Days and Months

Learn basic German words, the days of the week, name of months and German numbers in this edition of my free German language courses.

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The numbers from 1 to 12 are basic numbers, while 13 to 20 are built with the basic number (or a root of it) + zehn (ten).
Come on, lets count.... eins, zwei, drei.

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German Numbers 1 - 20

cardinal / ordinal number
Eins der/die/das erste one / first
Zwei der/die/das zweite two / second
Drei der/die/das dritte three / third
Vier der/die/das vierte four / fourth
Fünf der/die/das fünfte five / fifth
Sechs der/die/das sechste six / sixth
Sieben der/die/das siebte seven / seventh
Acht der/die/das achte eight / eighth
Neun der/die/das neunte nine / ninth
Zehn der/die/das zehnte ten / tenth
Elf der/die/das elfte eleven / eleventh
Zwölf der/die/das zwölfte twelve / twelfth
Dreizehn der/die/das dreizehnte thirteen / thirteenth
Vierzehn der/die/das vierzehnte fourteen / fourteenth
Fünfzehn der/die/das fünfzehnte fifteen /fifteenth
Sechzehn der/die/das sechzehnte sixteen / sixteenth
Siebzehn der/die/das siebzehnte seventeen / seventeenth
Achtzehn der/die/das achtzehnte eighteen / eighteenth
Neunzehn der/die/das neunzehnte nineteen / nineteenth
Zwanzig der/die/das zwanzigste twenty / twentieth

German numbers from 21 to 100.

cardinal / ordinal number
Einundzwanzig der/die/das einundzwanzigste twenty-one / twenty-first
Zweiundzwanzig der/die/das zweiundzwanzigste twenty-two / twenty-second
Dreiundzwanzig der/die/das dreiundzwanzigste twenty-three / twenty-third
Vierundzwanzig der/die/das vierundzwanzigste twenty-four / twenty-fourth

Do you see the pattern? You build the decimal numbers with the basic number + the suffix zig, dreißig (only exception), vierzig, fünfzig, sechzig, siebzig, achtzig, neunzig.

The numbers between the decimals you build with the basic number + und + decimal number, vierundsiebzig (seventy-four). It might be strange for you that Germans begin with the basic number, but really, vierundsiebzig means 74.

Want the bigger numbers as well? Here we go.
100 = Hundert, 200 = Zweihundert, 300 = Dreihundert, 405 = Vierhundertfünf, 575 = Fünfhundertfünfundsiebzig and so on.

Basic German Words - The days of the week

Deutsch English
Der Montag Monday
Der Dienstag Tuesday
Der Mittwoch Wednesday
Der Donnerstag Thursday
Der Freitag Friday
Der Samstag Saturday
Der Sonntag Sunday

Because the German articles are different for masculine (der), feminine (die) and neuter (das) nouns, I am going to add the article for every noun. Makes it easier for you to learn the darn articles.
Now that was pretty easy? Please not that alle Monate (months) in German are masculine and use the article der.

Basic German Words - The months

Deutsch English
Januar January
Februar February
März March
April April
Mai May
Juni June
Juli July
August August
September September
Oktober October
November November
Dezember December

Finally, here are a few example sentences to practise what you've just learned.

  • Ich komme am 5. September in Frankfurt an - I will arrive in Frankfurt on 5th September.
  • Um wieviel Uhr kommst Du an (informal) / kommen Sie an? (formal) - What time do you arrive?
  • Wir reisen am Montag ab - We are leaving on Monday
  • Was kostet das? - How much is it?
  • Die Fahrkarte kostet fünfundzwanzig Euro und neunundneunzig cents (25,99 Euro) - The ticket costs 25.99 €

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