Yorkoff Kaserne Hanau

by Robert Button
(Stanton Mi. USA)

Apartment blocks at former Yorkhof Kaserne March 2013

Apartment blocks at former Yorkhof Kaserne March 2013

Apartment blocks at former Yorkhof Kaserne March 2013 Yorkhof Kaserne Hanau March 2013 Yorkhof Kaserne Hanau March 2013

I was an ambulance driver for the 557 th amb co from 68-70 at yorkoff kaserne and moved my bride into a small apartment on Windecker Strasse three weeks after she graduated from nursing school in Hinsdale Ill. and two weeks after our wedding.

She had nothing to do but keep our little two room apt and bake pies for me. She would walk to the open air market and buy fresh fruit for them.
We didn't have any money in those days but heck we were newly weds and didn't need any.

Response to Yorkoff Kaserne Hanau

by Rita

Hi Robert,

Thank you for sharing your memories. Have you visited Hanau again?
I reckon the city has changed a bit since then, however, the farmer's market is still held twice a week.


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Mar 15, 2018
1961 @ Yorkhof NEW
by: Don Zarzana

I was assigned to HQ at Yorkhof 1961/62 at that time it was the 36th or 37th Med Bn. Sgt Wayne Tapscott was the Sgt. Major. Love my time in Germany. Nice little snack bar at the end next to my room, overlooking, at that time a DP Camp for refugees from the Eastern Block country.

Mar 15, 2018
Gentrification NEW
by: Kent Gilmore

Well looking at Yorkhof, DC isn't the only place gentrifying! Left Hanau for Aschaffenburg 9th General Dispensary summer 1972. Hello to all who served!

Dec 16, 2017
427 Amb Co.
by: William Talkowski

I was company armorer. Before I was armorer I was in Sgt. Camps platoon. Don March Called Sgt. Camp The green giant. I was the one that designed and painted the big sign at the front gate. Bill

Dec 07, 2017
by: Thomas Valverde

I was stationed at Yorkhof Kasern 1962-1965 with the 427 Med Co. (Amb ). My sargents were Sgt Boles and Sgt Camp , who was about 6'7" tall.I enjoyed my time there as I was 18 when I arrived .I remember Col Motson.and Lt. Tirado .

Jun 11, 2017
by: Bob Wingfield

Vince, I don't remember you, although my fuzzy memory tells me that the Sargent in HQ that I worked for after I was moved to HQ was named Vince? I was originally assigned to 695, Sargent Hines, ambulance platoon. After about three months I was moved to HQ because I had completed some typing classes in High School and College. I worked for Major Cardill and later Lt. Midgley, as an orders clerk. Hope I am spelling their names correctly. HQ personnel bunked over the Mess Hall. I bought a 66 VW and had it shipped to California. Maybe, you member the VW? Had a few memories come back after I stumbled onto this site on my cell phone. I think I spent a great deal of time in the EM club on every 10 cent night. Free food and beer. Also, got to travel to Paris, Amsterdam,and Athens, Greece on leave time. Lt, Midgley was a good guy to work for and even had his HQ clerks over for dinner on Xmas...good guy!

Jun 10, 2017
I wished we could post face photos...
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

Bob, I remember Ruben and Dale but don't remember you. In fact I contacted Ruben a few years ago and told him about this site. I think Dale was a fellow Californian. But when I left Yorkoff in 1966 I lost track of everyone except Renzo Rapacioli and Gary Braine.

Several years ago I took a two month trip to Eastern Europe and stopped in Hanau for a couple of days. It was quite a flashback. I did submit a couple of photos of Yorkhoff Kaserne that Rita so kindly posted, but the whole place was empty. Since then it has been transformed into what appears to be some pretty upscale condos. It would be great to see more people who were there in the mid 1960's add some stories and contributions.

Jun 10, 2017
Ruben Womack
by: Bob Wingfield

What a surprise to see that you remembered my name. I read stationed in HQ 65-66 and remember our leave trip to Greece on a military hop out of Frankfurt. I think I still have some pictures? My job was clerk typist although I was trained as a medic. ID cards and orders clerk. Ration cards. You did visit me on a Disney family trip about 75? We had dinner. Also, I think I told you Dale spent a day or two with me about 1967-68. Anyway, I Hope all is well old friend.

May 08, 2017
I remember you.
by: Larry E. Lance

S. Murray, I remember you from the years 1963-1966.Do you remember the name of the heavy set Sp/5 that was acting motor. I pulled alot of motor stables....right after lunch 1300 Hrs. That was the best time to twist a wrench and take a nap on the creeper.

May 05, 2017
Hanau Germany. 1963--1966
by: Anonymous

I was stationed with the 427th Med Amb Co. 1963-1964. I got promoted to E-5 and became motor sergeant of the 629th till I rotated in 1966. S Murray

Mar 12, 2017
Yes, Dave I remember you and Rip
by: Anonymous

Yes, I worked in the 557th orderly room with "Rip" Van Winkle in the fall of 1971 when I arrived in Germany until sent to the border a few months later by Capt. Isom. You and Rip were both from the northeast as I recall. I think you were getting short when I arrived at Yorkoff.

I was from San Diego and returned there after the army and still live there, retired from a civil service job, married 35 years to the same woman with two adult kids.

Weren't you the one who yelled "f*** you Lamont" out the window as Capt Lamont Isom was leaving the kaserne one night? He wasn't very popular and most of the troops, including the sergeants did not like him.

Remember how he busted SSG Sims down to a SP4 then had him kicked lout of the army for alcoholism instead of getting him treatment and a transfer to a different CO? Sims had a wife and kids and might have been rehabilitated. He had served as a medic in Vietnam.

I hope all is well with you guys. Trying to remember names from 45 years ago. Lt. Plewes, 1SG Jimmy D. Marines, SFC Virgil "Spanky" McFarland, SFC Roosevelt Columbus Jones, supply Sgt Santos, SP4 Gary Jones, and the big guy we called "Buffalo."

Mar 11, 2017
Lt Col Parker
by: Don Zarzana

When I first arrived at the Hanau Bahnhof Dec 61 in the early morning, they forgot to pick me up. Finally I got the Courtesy Patrol to take me to Yorkoff (in time for dinner). Lt. Col Parker was pretty cool, in fact my first assignment in HQ 36th Med Bn was painting the hallway to his office. I always liked Sgt.Major Tapscott, he always had a non-lit cigar in his mouth.

Mar 11, 2017
by: David Housh

My comment yesterday referring to Lt. Col. Edwards and Lt. Col. Motson should replace Edwards with Parker. Lt. Col. Parker was CO when I arrived in 1963. After some 53 years passing by, I think I can be excused for such a slip up.

Mar 11, 2017
for Greg Shulte
by: David Fisher

Hey Greg, i don't know if you remember me, i played guitar, and i'm friends with scott van winkle, i remember you.

Mar 11, 2017
Amazed to Find This Site
by: David Housh

Memories! I spent much of 1962-1964 as adjutant of the 36th Medical Battalion at Yorkhof Kaserne working under Lt. Col Edwards first and then Lt. Col. Motson--a first rate commander. Then there was my right hand man, Sergeant Major Clark, who was about as efficient an NCO as could be found. How quickly the next 52 years would fly by!

Oct 17, 2016
by: Willie Roby

What kaserne was he in and what year was it

Oct 17, 2016
lt. james earl westbrook died
by: Anonymous

Good evening, does anywone remember lt. james earl Westbrook. stationed in gross auheim?

Sep 21, 2016
Great Little City
by: Pete

I was stationed at Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 14th QM Battalion in 1952 and 1953. A very friendly town and excellent food at most restaurants. The mess sgt. would always warm the metal trays so that our food would stay warm. He had twins in the states that he hadn't seen.

Can't remember the name of the Kaserne so please forgive me for intruding.

I do remember the statue of the Grim Brothers in the markplatz with shrapnel holes still visable.

Quite a nice brass band would play there occasionally. At a near-by restaurant, the owner would play "Carry Me Back to Old Virginia" on her turntable. On one occasion a gentleman spoke of seeing Virginia Beach through his telescope. Several German subs still line the bottom off of the coast there. Have a great day and God Bless.

Jul 01, 2016
You better remain Anonymous!
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

Who ever you are,,, how dare you call us "Old Farts!" We are sexy senior citizens...LOL Anyway I suspect you may have been there right along with us back then. :-)

Jul 01, 2016
I guess, good old days
by: Anonymous

Wow!! All these people are old farts.

Jun 02, 2016
my time in hanau
by: Renzo Rapacioli

I was Yorkoff Kaserne From February 1995 to August 1966 i remember some of the name Gomez, went to Italy with Johnson on leave I remember the sport car that Lance had I Had Picture with him and his car but i would have to look for it, I keep in touch with Vince Marini on facebook, Gary Braine stopped over my house when he came to New York One time I convince a couple of guys to go to the Frankfurt opera house I don't remember who came with me, went to Paris with Vince Marini we had some good time When we were not worry about what was going on in Vietnam

Jun 01, 2016
Denver Music
by: Greg Schulte

In a 2014 posting somebody mentioned a soldier from the 557th named Denver Music. What a name! As I recall from 1972 he was religious and married a German girl. He wanted to be discharged in Germany and remain there and get a job of some sort. I was detailed to drive him to a personnel unit near Frankfurt to out process.

As I recall, if you were close to DEROS they did not want you driving. If you had an accident your orders would be cancelled until after the investigation and possible Article 15.

Denver was a very nice guy. I have no idea whatever happened to him. The irony is my older sister will be getting married in the fall to Bob Weston, who was an SP5 personnel clerk in Frankfurt at that time. We might have passed each other in the hall way back then.

Bob and I both had careers in the federal civil service but did not know each other until a couple of years ago. We served in Germany at the same time. Its a small world.

Anyone recall PFC Paul Van Winkle? We both worked in the orderly room for a while at Yorkhoff in late 1971. He liked to play guitar but the CO did not want him strumming in the orderly room during duty hours.

SFC Cornelius Roberts, a black guy, seemed like the best NCO in many ways. He married a German wife and had the ability to get along with most people and get the job done.

SSG Thorne was the motor pool sergeant. White guy from Alabama. Not as friendly but OK as long as you did your job. We used to be detailed to the motor pool to help break tires and we tried to sham when we could.

I really enjoyed the coffee breaks when I could get a cup of coffee, a doughnut and a copy of Stars and Stripes to see what was happening in the world.

May 30, 2016
by: Val Bilenko

Arrived at Yorkoff on Dec 1, 1963. Had a lot of good times. The 3 days to 3 weeks in the woods where great, always found a small town at night and had some beers. Went to Oktoberfest in 1964, some German pulls me into a bar and tells me we are friends, I did not know him, he was buying the beers.

Assign to the 695 then transferred to the 629. Moved with the 629 to Prum. One day 4 of us walked in the woods and ended up in Belgium. rotated out in June 1966.

May 03, 2016
by: Larry Lance

I was company armorer in the 629th medical clearing company. I replaced a soldier name Santee. Do you know him? I had the same tour years as you did. (1963-1966). I had a wonderful tour in Hanau!

May 02, 2016
by: Bill Talkowski

I was the company armorer for the 427 Amb.co. from 1963 to 1966.

Apr 27, 2016
427 Med Co Amb 64-65
by: Bennett

Had many cold beers and black cat wine at the Legion Hall. Ziggy was German bar tender and his Mother was a cook.Good people!! Had a very good fellow Okie friend from Ada(C. Franklin).We cold War vets had a great time in Hanau. We had a few fights but nothing like Nam.

Feb 17, 2016
Yorkoff 36th Med Bn 61 to 62
by: Don Zarzana

I was in HQ as a Clerk Typist with Sgt Maj Tapscott, transferred to 3rd Armored Division in Frankfurt with the Division Band. Great times in both Hanau and Frankfurt. I remember so much action on Lamboy Str and of course the EM club down the street from Yorkhof as well as the American Legion "dances" the first Monday after payday.

Feb 16, 2016
1LT/CPT John S Stephens
by: Mark Stephens

Hello: My Father was 1LT or Captain at the time John S. Stephens - he was with the 36th MED BN at Fliegerhorst Kaserne in Hanau during the 66-67 timeframe. Would anyone remember him?

Thank You
Mark Stephens

Oct 07, 2015
Gate guards
by: Henry

Gregg, I was there 68-70 and the Polish men were there then. They lived in the buildings on the left if you were entering the gate. They were not guards at that time, in fact I do not know what they did, they kept to themselves as did we. They had jobs and may have worked for the army. We did our own guard duty thankful for that. During my time at Yorkhoff things were very relaxed you could come and go as you pleased. No officers or nco's after hours. Oh by the way I was with the 695th.

Oct 06, 2015
Polish gate guards at Yorkoff
by: Greg Schulte

I just read something about the Labor Service units attached to the US Army in Germany. While I was at 557th Med Co at Yorkoff Kaserne in the early 1970s we had a company of Polish gate guards assigned there who lived in the next building over. As I recall they wore grey uniforms with some sort of rank insignia.

Their captain would occasionally come by our orderly room to see our captain and we were told to show him respect. All the gate guards were much older than us. Maybe like WWII vets of some sort. Unlike us they were armed with .45 pistols in holsters while they guarded the gate.

Once there was a fear of Bader Meinhoff terrorists targeting Frankfurt area kasernes and I had to stand guard along side the Polish gate guard with an unloaded M-16. I guess the army would rather have a civilian shot by another European civilian rather than by an American soldier.

I recall that one of them blew his brains out one night in about 1972 and the assistant CQ had to go over and say "yep, he's dead" so they could get a dispensary ambulance to haul the body away.

I always wondered what their life stories were and how these older guys had ended up as gate guards living in a kaserne next to us.

Sep 10, 2015
Yorkoff Sign
by: Bill Talkowski

I was the one that designed and painted I did all the signs with that design for the 36 MED. BN. in late 1963or 1964

Sep 09, 2015
Fats and His Cats
by: Anonymous

I mustered out of Army, in New York City, in July 1965

Sep 09, 2015
Don Marsh
by: Bill Talkowski

Don Marsh Where you from Brooklyn New York?

I was in the 427 AMB.Co. from 1962 to 1966.

Aug 27, 2015
Fats and his Cats
by: Don Zarzana

Fats was German and white.

Aug 26, 2015
Fats and his Cats
by: Harry G

Thanks for responding Rita,
You know 1964-65 was 50 years ago. So the memory may not be as clear as it used to be. Add to that a considerable amount of alcohol and who knows what the true memory was. I must have drink a lot to remember Fats as a black man, not a white guy. U did blackout a lot as my drinking was pretty heavy during that time. (it might interest you to know that as of this writing, I am less than a month shy of 33 years of continued sobriety in AA. Thanks again.

Aug 26, 2015
American Legion, Lamboy Strasse, Hanau 1970/1971
by: Kerry

I waited tables at the American Legion on Lamboy Strasse in 1970/1971 and am wondering if anyone knows what happened to it and the people who ran it.
The proprietors were two Americans named Mr. Welsh and Gene Gallo. I will be back in Hanau on 5th September and would love to see the old place again.
Does anyone have any clues for me to find the building. I believe it closed years ago.
I would appreciate any comments,
Kerry 😊

Aug 06, 2015
Assigned together
by: Larry Lance

Hi Larry Harrison. I don't remember you but we surely must have known each other. We were at the 629th at the same time. I was with the 629th from June 1963 until December 1965. I worked directly under the company First Sergeant Vincent Becvar. I was the the company armorer, CBR, supply and Commander's Driver Cpt. Greene and a Doctor as CO. I knew SFC Guimond....Nickname Frenchie. I also knew SP/6 Carter. He retired as a First Sergeant E-8, Same as I did. I also retired as a company First Sergeant E-8 in 1984 with 22 years of service. I December 1965, First Sergeant Becvar and I were transferred to the 695th Ambulance company. I was the assistant Supply Sergeant. In April 1966 I came down on orders for Vietnam.

Aug 05, 2015
by: Rita

I am fine Vincenzo, thanks for asking :)

Aug 05, 2015
Anyone have contact?
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

I would like to get in touch with Price Johnson from the state of Washington, Michael Granada from Los Angeles, and Victor Gomez from the Midwest. They were there between 1963 and 1966.

Hi Rita, I hope all is well with you. I am coming to Europe but don't think I will make Hanau this trip. Ciao

Aug 05, 2015
Remembering Yorkoff
by: Larry. Harrison

I remember Yorkoff Kaserne fondly. I was there from Mar. 65 till Jan.66 with the 629th Med Company(Clearing). I went tdy to Bad K hospital. While there the 629th moved to Prum Eiffel. We stayed there until Pres. DeGual kicked NATO out of France and the 629th moved again to barracks behind the Army hospetal at Bad K. Hampy Guimond was the platoon sarge for either the 2nd or 3rd platoon. I can't remember which. Sp-6 Carter was our platoon 91C. I enjoyed reading the comments posted here.

Feb 07, 2015
American Legion
by: Patricia Lavenz Goff

Does anybody remember when the American Legion moved out in the Country. I don't remember where but went a few times. It was hard to get to unless you had a car.

Feb 07, 2015
Happy Hanau
by: Patricia Lavenz Goff

I lived in Hanau from 1972 to 1996. I remember when CPO was on Yorkhoff and spent many hours there looking for jobs. After they moved to another location Central Texas College took over the building and I worked there in Records and my dad worked in the warehouse further down the street by the skyline club. It was called ..... Depot I think.

Lots of great memories. CTC then moved to Old Argonner in a building that used to be a german horse stable. I worked in Evaluations, the Business Office and finally Personnel before I headed back to the states. Still having culture shock after being raised on bases all my life.

Jan 28, 2015
Fats & his cats
by: Rita

Harry, I remember Fats & his cats, they were very popular in Hanau and Frankfurt in the 60s & 70s. As far as I know all band members were German, I couldn't find a photo of the band with a black drummer. Perhaps it was a special guest for some shows.

The band played Rock'n'Roll, as well as songs by Fats Domino, Ray Charles and Louis Prima.
I found a Facebook page about Fats & His Cats which was set up by the granddaughter and niece of two of the late band members.


Jan 23, 2015
Sgt Major
by: Don Zarzana

I remember the CO Bishop, and Sgt Major Wayne Tapscott, in Hq. I was a clerk and I will always remember that he had a cigar in his mouth or hand, and never had it lit. It was a good time in Germany 1961-64.

Jan 23, 2015
Fata and His Cats
by: Harry G.

I was with the 2nd Armored Cav unit in Bindlach, Germany, 1964-1965. It was there that this jazz group called Fats and His Cats entertained us, while touring with the USO Show. He was a short, fat, black guy that played drums. He is the only person that I have ever seen or heard of that could play drums with handkerchiefs. If you remember this guy, let's communicate with each other and see if any of his music could be found. Or any of his band members that would still be alive. harry23p@gmail.com

Oct 19, 2014
hey Paul Cuacci
by: David Fisher

Hey Paul Cuacci
This is David Fisher, the guitar player you remembered, thank you so much for such kind words
please feel free to email me at
I'd love to get in touch with you, I would also like to be in touch with anyone else that remembers me

Oct 12, 2014
427 AMB CO

427 AMB. CO. 63 TO65

Sep 21, 2014
Kent "Superman" Gilmore"
by: Craig "Cazzie" Warren

Hey Kent! Your other nickname was Mailman.Am now 65 with 28 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. Live in Florida keeping warm. Remembered all the names! Am hoping Megs Mckinney will stumble on site. My email cwarrencaz@gmail.com

Aug 05, 2014
695th Medical Co (AMB) The Flip Tops
by: Kent "Superman" Gilmore

Hello to everyone! I arrived at Yorkoff 8 Sept 70 after 8 days travelling through the 7th Med Bde from 21st Rep Co to Stuttgart to Ludwigsburg to Darmstadt to Hanau only 30-40 K's from Frankfurt where I had started! Reading the comments on this site returned so many memories. Cazzie Warren I bought a VW convertible from you. I remember Mitch Gutin, Mike Canterbury, Jessie Wray, Gerald Johnson, Wilbert Spain, (I don't know what his duties were either!). SFC Allen was 1SG and assigned me as TAMMS clerk. I hated it. I was assigned to 3rd platoon, SFC Gray, as aid to SP/4 Rogers from RI who was a short timer and had a new ambulance #37 which I was glad to inherit. Got my license and off to Campo Pond, Hohenfels, Wildflicken, Grafenwohr all the scenic places! kg20223@aol.com drop me a note. In Hanau and Aschaffenburg Sep 70-Sep73 695th Med Co & 9th General Dispensary.

Aug 01, 2014
629th Medical Company
by: Mel Thomason

I was stationed at Yorkoff Kaserne from 1959 - 1961. I was in the 629th Medical Company as a Medic and worked the last year at the 36th Medical Battalion Headquarters under CWO Peters.
Major Bishop was the Commanding Officer.
Captain Wayne D. Emerson was Commanding Officer of the 629th. I have tried for years to find fellow soldiers with no success. Would really like to know what happened to Jerry D. Thomas (California) and Roy T. Ishizu (Hawaii).
Some other names: Willis Scholler, Howard Davis, Thomas Seitziner, Lester O'Quinn, Carl Rose, J. Lee Shirley, Shirley Ballinger, Hiram Justice, Pete Koronis, Gus Rodriquez. (Some of these guys I have found).

Jun 10, 2014
Mashed Potatoes
by: Henry Davis

I was in the 695th and remember the mashed potatoes, re-up written in paprika. I washed a lot of dishes in that mess hall.

Jun 10, 2014
557th Med Co (Amb) 1967 - 1969
by: Stan Reeves

I was in the 557 Med Co (Amb) from December of 1967 – June of 1969. Being the only new guy on the duty roster, my second day at Yorkoff Karen was Christmas Eve guard duty, then KP New Year’s day. I guess it wasn’t a bad trade-off to miss the Vietnamese Tet Offensive of ’68…. Steve Kotola and Oscar Riley were the 557 company clerks, and as long as I bought a few biers at the Park restaurant just down the street, that was my last time on guard duty or KP ! Speaking of KP, do you remember an E6 mess Sgt. Perry? On a tray of mashed potatoes he would use paprika to write ‘Re-Up for the Food’, and then going through the chow line he would ask, are you US or RA? If you said RA, he would slap an extra piece of chicken on your tray and say, “gotta keep them young trooper’s happy!”

But my all-time favorite 557 personality was 1st Sgt. Jefferson. He couldn’t (or wouldn’t) say my last name, Reeves … he called me “Ree”. For 18 months I was 'Ree'. Fair is fair, I called him1st Sgt. 'Jeffzha'. One day he caught me strolling along with my hands in my pockets, a big no-no of military presents ! Quickly correcting me, he said, “Ree, if your handz is ‘ko, wear your gugh” … I still snicker !

Later in ‘69 I made SP/5 and went to the 7th Evac in Darmstadt, spending my last 8 months on the Ski Patrol in Garmisch, taking an European Again, I guess Hanau / Darmstadt / Garmisch wasn’t a bad trade-off to miss the Vietnamese Tet Offensive of ’68…. I’m retired living in SoCal, email: isstan@cox.net

Jun 05, 2014
Looking for band members
by: Gil

I am looking for Don Lewis, Komalack, Mike Morgan, Simpson? from 695th and Danny Thomas, Sid Crosswhite, Ted? Mack McKinney relatives, from another comapny? also Any of the band members from the era 1966 to 1969 that played at the American legion next to Yorkoff Kaserne. I have CDs from the band made up the night before I left Germany that I would like to share with the band members or their relatives. I left in early June of 1969. Roby,, I do remember you, you can contact Rita here on the website to get my e-mail.

Jun 05, 2014
Yorkoff Kaserne Hanau
by: Carl Albarado

I was stationed in 557 Med co from mar 68 to sept 69 These post I've read bring back a lot of old memories. I remember Bill Kirsh brought his newlywed wife over and the day she got there he was sent to Graf for a month.

Jun 05, 2014
557th Med Amb Co. Cambrai Fritch Kaserne Mar 74-Dec 75
by: SPC 5 Alan Ayotte

Lots of good memories as a medic/amb-driver for various units field support. I remember Cpt?William Snide,Lt.Geo,First Sargent(Spanky)McFarland, Sgt.Tom Dillon,Bill Broady,Fred Lantz,Tom Day,Ed Yellowman,Sgt Mike Mallard,Bob(Gibby)Gibson,Daniel Deef,SgtE-7(Big John)Hayes I think....geez its been nearly 40 years lol. Sgt Woods(Woody),Sgt Smith(Smitty), I could possibly think of more over time. If you remember me or someone mentioned here and want to re-hash old times in Germany contact me at < harleyman_al@yahoo.com >

Jun 04, 2014
Henry Davis photo's in Zurich Jan 1969
by: Mike Mauhl

Hi Henry, Thanks for the response. I have three photo's of us when we took a trip to Zurich in January 1969. One photo has Paul Patwell, myself, Harold (Harod) Morris, Yourself and Terry Burchead who I met in San Antonio. He left for Germany before I did and was stationed in Ktown. I have another picture of you, Patwell and Morris only and still another photo of you, Patwell, Morris and myself. I also have some other photo's which you might remember of Braun, Wasnock, Saelins, Fagan and my girl friend and 1st wife at the time Carmen, who was from Darmstadt. We got married in Zurich in May 1970 with Braun and Ursula (Monkee) as witnesses. We then headed for the Monaco Grand Prix, Venice and etc on the way back to Darmstadt / Hanau. It was actually Dale Mathias and I who attended the Monaco Grand Prix, Italy coast and etc in 1969 with Carmen & Karin. Please let me know if you are interested in any or all of these photo's and I'll attempt to get some copies made. You can always reach me direct at mkmauhl@yahoo.com - Take care and fun to hear from you. Later, Mike Mauhl - Twin Falls, Idaho

Jun 03, 2014
To; Mike Mauhl
by: Henry Davis

Hi Mike, I remember when you and Braun went to the races that was a pretty big deal. Mike I remember your name but just cant put a face with it. I to enjoyed my time in Germany, some of the best. Paul Pattwell and myself were buddies and still keep in touch. Do you remember Elmer Dehaven? He and I went to High School together, he passed away about three Years ago. I now live in Roanoke Va. and am retired from an asphalt Co. that I owned and operated. A renunion would be cool. See Ya.

May 25, 2014
March 1968 to July 1970
by: Mike Mauhl

Hi All, This is really cool. I have always wondered if anyone from the 695th would ever be interested in a reunion some where in the middle of the U.S. before we all get too much older. Mike Braun was a good friend and we traveled to the 1969 Monaco Grand Prix with our german girl friends among other places. I also have lots of photo's from my 21st birthday which was 12/19/1968. Also have lots of photo's in general. I enjoyed my time thee very much but didn't enjoy the military all that much. Didn't like taking orders from stupid people. Also remember when Henry Davis arrived with guys like Canterbury among others. When arrived I arrived in March 1968 Braun, Price, Mooney, Wasnock and several others all arrived about the same time. Then another group arrived in 1969. I had a really good time while there and sold my last car which was a '63 Opel Rekord to Jim Nichols who was from Richmond, VA I think. He came out to visit me in the Seattle area in summer 1971 after he got out.
Still think it would be cool to have some sort of reunion. You all take care. Sincerely, Mike Mauhl - Retired in Twin Falls, Idaho. Email is: mkmauhl@yahoo.com

May 15, 2014
Clerk 36th Med Bn
by: Don Zarzana

I was at Yorkhof Dec 1961 to sometime in 61 assigned Company Clerk under Sgt. Tapscott. I think it was the 36th or maybe 37th Med Bn.
My room was on third floof above the mess hall/snack bar.

May 15, 2014
this is david fisher, the guitar player from the 557
by: David Fisher

Paul, Cooch, hey man, email me
guitarsound1@comcast.net, it would be great to be in touch again after all these years

May 15, 2014
It was me Roby
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

Sorry about that...It was me that knew Malley. I sure would like to see some other old 1960's photos if anyone has some.

May 15, 2014
Ambulance driver in Hanau from 71-72
by: Paul 'Cooch' Caucci

I was a medic and stationed in Hanau from 70-72.
I was on a day and off a day. My nick name was 'cooch'. I remember a guy by the of Fisher who was a great guitarist. He had an effect that was the first echo machine ever. Where is he now? If you know me or remember me I am retired and live in South Jersey. I want to go back before I die. My time in Germany was the best time of my life. I traveled all over the country and my all time trip was a train ride to Amsterdam. I used to sell my levi's to the Rad's. I also made a good bit of money selling Marlboro's to the Turks and the Pol's that worked there. There was another guy named Denver Music. Does anyone know where he is? Also I remember a guy who they called
Country anybody know of him?

May 14, 2014
Legionnaire Band
by: Gil

We were delightfully surprised by our daughter this week. She coordinated the transfer of reel to reel tapes to Cd's that I had made of the band before I came home. The was a story done by the local tv about the surprise. They had played at the legion club in Hanau.
We are looking for any band members, Don Lewis in particular. If you know his whereabouts please let us know.

It will be available for a very short time if you would like to view it.

Apr 17, 2014
695 AMB
by: ROBY

Yes, that is John C Mailley from New York City. Who are you? Were you from 695 ambulance company? Please respond if possible. If I remember right he was from Queens and wanted to be in law enforcement.

Apr 16, 2014
Do I have my info right?
by: Anonymous

Was Malley from NYC and he used to steal food from the family dog because his mom fed the dog better than she fed him. He also said the dog food was better than the chow we got in the mess hall. LOL

Apr 16, 2014
I remember
by: Roby

I remember Gilbert Frank and Henry Davis I also remember Sgt. Hook, he was our Motor Sgt. I would like to here from anyone that has photos. Henry, can you upload them. I would like to see any ones that you have from our time in Germany. Wow, I also remember John C Malley he was my room mate when I first got there in April 1966. I also remember all the other guys that you mentioned. It's been a long time but it seems like yesterday. Please get back in touch as soon as possible. I do not have any pictures from those times , they were loss in a fire, so anyone that you have would be greatly appreciated in viewing. Thanks for sharing...

Apr 07, 2014
I remember
by: Henry Davis

Yea, I remember Sgt.Hook. You mentioned DeHaven I went to High School with him. When I got to Hanau I was surprised to find him there. Had some good times in Hanau and got to see a lot of the country.

Apr 06, 2014
I remember Komlack
by: Gilbert Frank

Hi Henry
I can't place you either, but do remember Komlack, roomed with Don Lewis,David Brock and Larkin. I remember Price, Powell, Roby, Cross, Dehaven, they are just a few I remember. Do you remember Sgt Hook, or Sgt Elliot.
I would go to the Legion and Hotel Marina with Lewis and the band. Lots of good food, drinks and good friends. Drove a lot of miles around Germany. Many good memories.. I have a few pictures of some of the guys to share. Just don't know how to do it?

Apr 06, 2014
Motor Poole
by: Henry Davis

I remember Lewis and Komolack. I have a photo of the two of them loading a tent on the back of deuce and 1/2. I just cant remember you. I was ambulance driver in 695 th.

Apr 05, 2014
Does anyone remember me?
by: Gilbert Frank

I was in the 695th motor pool from 1966 thru 1969. my roommates were Don Lewis and David Brock, I hung around the band that was called the "Rythum Trubadours" in the beginning, and then the "Legionaires" later on. The band members were Brock,Lewis, Mckinney, Crosswhite?, Danny Thomas? Sid? They played country music at the Legion Club, down from Yorkoff Kaserne, Hanau. We had many a good times! Also remember Price, Catlin, Powell, Frey, Morgan, Malley, and many others.
Would love to hear from anyone who would like to hash over old times. Write me at this blog. I still live in Minnesota. Hope to hear from some of you.
What a great site! thank you Rita!

Dec 23, 2013
Merry Christmas
by: Rita

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year.


Dec 15, 2013
Christmas 68
by: Henry Davis

I was thinking recently about my first Christmas in Hanau. I had been in Yorkhoff about two months and Paul Pattwell and I found ourselves at the Scotch Club on Christmas Eve. I remember feeling pretty bumed out, first Christmas away from home.
Well Merry Christmas everyone.

Oct 20, 2013
by: Craig "Cazzie" Warren

I Remember you, Bazor. I came to 695th in Oct 69. I roomed w/Gerald Johnson from California. My Platoon Sergeant was Luther Gray. First Sergeaant was Lawrence. We all moved to A-berg in 71 sharing the building with the MP's. After the RIF or "Early Out" we moved again. I ended up in 31st Med Group across the street from 7th Evac working in S3 with Sergeant Major Ed Dyker and E8 Otto Zimmerman who had been our 1SG in A-berg. The LSD episode in Hanau was crazy and it was repeated in A-berg and E7 Ramirez got it that time. I did 5 years altogether and 12 overall. Seems to me you were on commitment alot when I got to Hanau and I got to go on commitments when amb 37 was assigned to me doing stints at Fligerhorst Fire Station and the Dispensary. That was cool because my partner Tim Stoops and I worked out 7 days on and 7 days off. Did the first 5 Reforgers. Am 64 now and glad to have found this site. Thanx, Rita!!!

Oct 20, 2013
I remember you
by: willie roby

Hi Jeff Catlin, Good hearing from you. I think you are from D.C. Is that correct. It's been a long time 40 + years. how has life treated you? DO you have any old photos. When did you leave. Have you heard from any other guys. Hope to hear from you SOON. Willie Roby.

Oct 17, 2013
Still alive
by: Rita

Hi Vincent,

I am happy to let you guys talk about your memories. I am still around, just terribly busy, but life is good. Thanks for asking.


Oct 17, 2013
by: Vincent Marini

Has anyone heard from Rita? She made this site possible. I hope all is well with her. :-)

Oct 17, 2013
Hello Willie Roby
by: SP4 Jeff Catlin

Can't believe I found this website and really can't believe I saw your name. I roomed with you in 1968. Hope you are well and life has been good for you. We had some crazy times.

Oct 10, 2013
Ha Willie
by: AnonymousClem Bazor

I was a year behind you. I was in the 695 from Oct 69 to May 71. Cpt Berwell was Co when I arrived. Dont remember the date, we moved to A,burg. I think the 557 moved to Frankford. I have a list of names of the people that was in the 695 when I was there.

Sep 04, 2013
Yorkoff 1966-1968
by: Willie Roby

I was stationed there from 1966 - 1968 and stayed in the Yorkoff kaserne. I was with the 695th med co amb unit. Looking to communicate with others from that time frame.

Aug 11, 2013
LSD in the orderly room coffee pot
by: Greg Schulte

I remember 1LT Fogle. He became our CO at 557th Med Co in about early 1973. He was much more popular than his predecessor, Captain Isom. He wanted to get along with the troops and just get the job done. 1SG Charles Graham was the first sergeant at the time. Former green beret, tough as nails.

I vaguely recall the LSD spiking incident in the spring of 1973. I remember the goofy guy who did it but can't recall his name. He used to shoot up crystal meth. He got an unsuitable discharge over it. Several of the NCOs, including SFC "Spanky" MacFarland, went to the dispensary because of the LSD. It was a stupid stunt that could have hurt someone. SFC MacFarland was a good guy.

Jun 13, 2013
Post Card of Park Restaurant
by: Vincent (Vincenzo) Marini

Hi Rita,
I found a 1965 post card of the inside of Park restaurant that was right next door to Yorkhoff Kaserne. They had the best schnitzel sandwiches in the area. I scanned the post card but lost your address (as well as many others) when the computer guy transferred files to my new computer. If you think anyone would like to see it I will be glad to send it to you. I hope you are enjoying the summer.

May 19, 2013
At Yorkoff 69-71 At 695
by: Glen Bazor

Iremember most of the names and guys talked about. But don't hear from the guyes that I roomed with or hung with. Realy was a great time, achance to do & see things at a early time. Loved to castle hunt on the weeken. Loved the moo stand on the corner from Yorkoff.

May 09, 2013
Thank you Ben Padgett!!
by: Craig "Cazzie" Warren

Ricky Paffhausen was the dude that jumped while we were in A'Burg. Otto Zimmerman was 1SG and he had SFC Allen, SSG Ware, SFC Ramirez, SFC Kotrouba at the time. I worked making up Training Schedules and had the room where I kept my ping-pong stuff. SFC Gray is another that was there! By then I was a Spec5. Kotruba had a vert bad case of PST before America knew was PST was. I saw him on an NBC TV Special 20 years later as one of many who went back to Nam for closure. That program featured 4 at the time. Very engrossing. I remember you leaving after your dear brother died. So did Gerald who went on 30 day leave to CA and on his way back his brother was killed and he early outted. We had a RIF and many left. Not too long after that we headed to Darmstadt. 63 now w/28 grandkids and 8 great grandkids...

May 06, 2013
I love this site Thank you Rita
by: Ben Padgett

I have written before on this site and love to see
more people log on. I was with the 695 from Sept 1969 to oct 71. I was in A'burg at the 9th Dispensary June 70 to oct 1971. I was with Mike McCauley and Mitch Gutin. I was at Yorkoff whe Mooney was there and Vanderford was running the
asyllum. I remember Frank Neer and the parties we had at Yeager Kaserne. I remember when a cruell top sgt. drove a guy with really bad mental problems to jump from the top of the Kaserne roof.
. I smoked a lot of dope and I found Jesus and got clean.I got the call oct 17 1971 my little brother died in a car wreck and I hated god for a long time. I left the next day on emergency leave and a 3 month early out. I missed you Mickey Medics! Thank you Rita for hosting this site.

Apr 20, 2013
looking back 53 years
by: jack daoust

I was a mechanic in the 695 amb. co from dec. 1958 to nov. 1960.yorkhoff was my home, but our motor pool was across the street in franswa, (not spelled right, kaserne. my first company comander was captain bill bailey. many fond memories. jack

Apr 20, 2013
wow its been 53 years
by: jack daoust

i was a mechanic in the 695 amb co from dec. 1958 to nov.1960 I look back on this duty now with many fond memories. our first company comander was captain bill bailey.yorkhoff kaserne was my home, but i worked in franswa, (not spelled right) kaserne next door.

Apr 19, 2013
557 med amb dec 67 - 68/69
by: alfred francis

smitty, i was in the 557 around the same time until transferred to landstuhl 581 amb , are you from chicago if so we knew each other, cotton, woolfolk,little red, the mess cook that knew the gypsy's , pop's , a-bar ,strawberry wine great times eating at the soul palace .any way love to hear about those days. thanks guys . lol alfred

Apr 17, 2013
by: Bob King

In 1994 when I was working in Saudi Arabia I took a 3 week vacation and toured Europe. I started into Milan and drove to Amsterdam and back. My trip took me through Germany and pretty close to Frankfurt so I decided to visit Hanau. I couldn't believe how much the place had changed in the 23 years that had elapsed since I had left. I drove between Frankfurt and Hanau quite frequently when I was working at the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt. The 29 kilometers between Frankfurt and Hanau were very rural when I left in 1971 but by 1994 the area was all built up. I didn't even see anything green (like a tree) or recognize anything the place was so heavily populated. I suppose progress is progress but I prefer the way it looked back in 1971 more than 1994! I did eventually stumble onto Yorkoff after driving around Hanau for an hour or so. If I remember correctly if was a police barracks when I found it but I may be wrong. Thanks for the great website it allowed me to reconnect with some old friends!

Apr 17, 2013
Thanks for the memories!
by: Bob King

I was an ambulance driver for the 557th ambulance company stationed at Yorkoff Kaserne from June 1969 to December 1971. I spent much time at the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt as an ambulance driver for the emergency room. I was also stationed at the dispensaries in Eschborn and Babenhausen. I also spent s few months in the field in Grafenwoehr providing ambulance support for artillery units during their training exercise. I have great memories of Germany. Would love to hear from anyone that knew me!!


Apr 03, 2013
Thank you Bill Snide!
by: Craig

In Germany 69-74 as I have said before. When you mentioned Col Madrano it sparked another memory. 695th went to A-Berg then we got reassigned to Darmstadt, some to 7th Evac and folks like me to 31sr Med Grp where I met and played basketbal for Joe "Indian" Madrano. He was HUGE on sports and we would have bowling competitions in addition to basketball. Played ball w/Chris Carter, Carlos from Detroit whom I grew up with. Another Indian named Jim, Big Ed. Nice team and enjoyed our rivalty with 7th Evac. Came to Tacoma Washington in 74 after 5 years and started out in 9th Inf Brigade and then over to Madagan Hosp as 91C Wardmaster of ICU. Ran into Col Madrano as he was in charge of the Medical Group at North Fort Lewis. 75 was the last I saw him and me being 63 now he has most likely passed on. Thanks for unclogging another memory!!

Apr 03, 2013
557th Medical Company (AMB), Darmstadt, CFK
by: William Snide

I have enjoyed the website. The vast majority of the comments, of course, pertain to the 695th which I was not assigned . I was assigned to the 557th Aug 1973 as the XO under the command of 1LT Ross Fogle. I assumed command of the 557th Med Co. on 26 November 1973 for 1 year. I was a 1LT during my tour at Darmstadt. After my command I walked across the parking lot to assume my new position as the Assistant Plans, Training, and Operations Officer, 31st Med Grp. Col Madrano was the Grp Commander. Just before the 31st Med Grp was inactivated I was transferred to the 24th General Dispensary, Giessen, Germany as its Administrator. While I was at Darmstadt my wife and I resided in Jefferson Village, just outside the CFK south gate. While at Darmstadt our son was born at the Air Force Hospital, Wiesbaden, Germany. Saw alot of West Germany and other countries. A great tour of duty filled with lots of memories. I served with a great bunch of soldiers both Enlisted and Officers. I think of my tour in Germany often. I,m hoping to hear from someone assigned to the 557th during my assignment. Again, thanks for the website and memories. Oh, by the way. I was sitting at my desk in the 557th one day when First Sergeant MacFarland brought a large coffee urn and placed it on my desk. He informed me that an MP officer had him sign for it and that the authorities no longer needed it. I had no idea what he was talking until he explained that the coffee had been spiked with LSD by some soldiers before I ever landed in Germany. I had one of the Platoon Sergeants destroy it and bury it without anyone knowing what he was doing. I assume it is still buried somewhere on CFK. I am assuming that this is what you were referring to as the "LSD INCIDENT".
William Snide

Mar 31, 2013
Flag Raiser
by: Henry DavisAnonymous

Don, the flag raiser was Mac (McClowen) very smooth dude. He always looked good even in fatigues freshly starched , boots shined. Always had money to lend 3 for 5 or 5 for 10 due on payday.

Mar 25, 2013
by: Glen Bazor

I also arived at 695 in Oct 69. There was a black guy Wilbert Spain,not sure what he did. He and I trew a basebll alot. Was there a guy in the motor namen Schatt or Shott? Tk. Glen

Mar 24, 2013
by: Don McDonough

I arrived in Germany around Oct 1969 & was assigned to the 695th Medical group 7th Brigade. I was made an ambulance driver at first then when they found out I was mechanic I was moved to the motor pool. I remember Wasnock, spelling?, as the company clerk & also spec4 Mooney. I was there when the big drug bust for LSD happened & roomed with some of guys that were busted. I don't believe any of them spent any time in the brig they all got off. It was such a small Kaserne. When I got there we had one guy that all he did was raise & lower the flag every day, he was a black guy but I can't remember his name but what a job. He was into Hash & women & came back after he got out to make more money. We were moved to Ashofenberg sometime around Nov 1970. I am amazed that I found this site.

Mar 18, 2013
by: Glen Bazor

I also remember Michael Canterbury, alsoDavid Morales. They was a Smith in the 695 i think he bough a Porsche. Iremember some of the guys from 557, but cant remember there names. Was there a guy that played in a band around the conor at the USO club. Tk. Glen

Mar 18, 2013
reply to glen bazor
by: Smitty---Eddie Smith

Glen...I am from N Y...sorry never been to LA.

when I was at Yorkhof from 69-71..I new a couple of guys from 695.. I don,t know if you remember
Cantabury..I don,t remember his first name..I think he worked in the office..not sure..also I believe
"chico" Morales was from 695. Moat of the guys I remember were from the 557th..If you think of more names from that era, let know..Good communicating
with you..smitty

Mar 17, 2013
by: Glen Bazor

Smitty, are you from La. I beleave you and another man came A&G cafetria in Houma about 1974. If please reply. Tk Glen.

Mar 17, 2013
by: Glen Bazor

Smitty I was in the 695 from 69 to 71. Are you from La. I worked for A&G cafeteria in Houma La. I think and I dont rememder his name , yall came in about 74. If so please respond. tk Glen

Mar 13, 2013
It's not my job, it is fun
by: Rita

@ Vincenzo (Vince) Marini
You asked if this is part of my job. If you mean the website, it is not. I work at a medical laboratory. The website is a project of love, it will keep me out of trouble once I retire, hopefully!
Lunch sounds good, thanks for considering.

@ Reuben Womack
You can read who Rita is here.

I am really glad to see that you have found old friends through this post.


Mar 11, 2013
695 Med Co
by: Reuben Womack

Mar 1,2013
I was in Hanau from January 1965-June 1966 and was the company training officer. I loved my time in
Germany and Europe (not so much the army). Vince got in touch with me about a year ago and I was pleased to find this site and join all you others in thanking Rita ( tell me who Rita is). Some of the guys I remember are Glenn Bollinger, Richard Tojec, Gary Kruger, Cotto, Wolfgang Kenn (now deceased) Joe Lauro (now deceased) Dale Riendeau,Bob Wingfield, Sgt Heziciah Hines ( a great guy) Lt Modderman, Capt Synder, First Sgt Tower. I remember the good times at the Teddy Bar and playing foosball and swimming at the Stadtbath and of course the 10 cents drinks and five free hamburgers each month at the EM Club. I could go on but will stop and see if anybody responds. Mach schnell!

Mar 11, 2013
by: Anonymous


Mar 11, 2013
ISG Tower
by: Larry E. Lance

Vince, I remember him very well. He was the First Sergeant of the 695th Ambulance Company when I arrived at Yorkhof Kaserne in 1963. If I remember correctly, he was not married and lived in Private quarters or SBEQ. Our ISG in the 629th Medical Clearing replaced him in 1965 (ISG Becvar). By the way, I have not forgotten about the Picture.

Mar 10, 2013
Best to send to my e-mail
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

Renzo, I think they are trying to keep this site focused on Yorkhoff, Rita will verify, so please send the photos to me at dusey@cox.net. To everyone else, I really enjoy reading the stories. I just wished more of the 1964-1966 alumni would find this site. :-) Anyone remember 1st Sgt. Tower from the 395 Med. Co.

Rita, once again, thank you. I don't know if this is part of your job or not, but when I come back to Hanau again, lunch is on me. (bring your hubby too if he can make it)

The condos are great, no wonder they sold out.

Mar 10, 2013
by: renzo rapacioli

thank you Vincent for remembering Is name
I got to send you some picture or can they be put this site because I have pictures from the woods
and from Paris

Mar 10, 2013
Was it Price?
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

Hi Renzo, I'm glad you got on the site. Are you talking about Price Johnson who I believe was from either Spokane or Seattle Washington?

Mar 10, 2013
hanau memories
by: renzo rapacioli

I was at Yorkoff Kaserne in 1964 to 1966. Thank you, Vince Marini for is keeping in touch with me, I was able to see him once In California and once he came to New York, it bring Back lot of memory, the time we went to Paris for a week , and going to the Opera in Frankfurt Opera House. I was able to go Italy with Johnson, I don't remember his first name, as anybody have any connection with Him? I remember the Happy Hour
But I use to drink A moselle Wine (Swartz Kat) I use to collect the plastic Black Cat that was attach to the bottle. And at the end of my tour I had 186 plastic cat attach in my locker.
After coming back to the State I went back to the restaurant and became a sommelier and after 46 years I'm still working if any body want to communicate my email is renzo925@gmail.com

Mar 09, 2013
695th 1968 1970
by: Henry Davis

Thanks for the pictures. Have some good memories of the EM Club and those happy hours.

Mar 09, 2013
by: Rita

I am happy you like the photos, and thanks for sharing your stories.

Vincenzo, sorry for the confusion. They are condos, not apartments (wrong translation by me!). The condos are all sold.
As the houses are listed buildings, and about a century old, they have all been completely renovated and built to modern standards.

This site is in German, but you can see the expose/selling brochure and what the condos look like inside. Yorkhof brochure
Click on any house to see a detailed PDF file.

Eddie, unfortunately, you can't submit photos within comments. You can add up to 4 pics here.


Mar 08, 2013
557 1969-1971
by: Smitty

Just a quick Thank You to Rita for creating this great web site. It gives a lot of people a chance to reconnect with old friends that otherwise would not be found easily.
While reading all these comments on the site, I begin to realize I've forgotten alot more people than I remember. I have been in communication with Dave Fisher and Tom Boyd.
There are many more guys names mentioned that we know and would like to hear from. If anyone would like to connect send me an email to

Mar 08, 2013
Yorkhof 1969-1971
by: Tom Boyd

I have a lot of fond memories of Yorkhof - often called the "Zoo". I was in the 557th medical batallion. I'm still in communication with David Fisher, and, just recently, Smitty. I've seen some of his pics & understand that he has many more! Way to go, Smitty. We look forward to seeing the pictures.

I remember that I was pulling KP & guard duty a lot when I first got there. I noticed drivers coming to the mail room from time to time & asked "who are they?". When I found out about going out on committment to other parts of Germany - PLUS being exempt from KP & guard duty - I had my European license in less than a week & was out on committment.

97th General Hospital was a great assignment - until I got busted! I was also assigned to Eschborne for a while. Bad Herzfeld was a favorite assignment. The town looked like pictures from a story-book, & the people were more friendly to GI's than in Hanau.

I often wondered what some of my fellow medics are doing now. Here are some of the guys I remember (even with my senior moments) - Randy Hammond, Chico Morales, Sig Ramberg, Rick Flock, Mike Martin, Chuck Wilson, Pompa, Webbles, David York, Givens, Dowsey, Davis, Wright. (I may remember more next week!)

We all talked then about getting back to the "world" - but - looking back - we really had it made!

Thanks for the site, Rita!

Mar 07, 2013
the enlisted men's club
by: Bill Girsch

Oh, yes, I remember that establishment.In 1969, I spent a few times there. I remember a band that played there for several weeks. Soon after that I was on assignment at Coleman Barracks. I decided to visit the 'club' there one evening, and there was the same band that played at Hanau. Thanks for the photos, and sparking my memory. I look forward to any photos that are posted. Unfortunately, I did not have the fore sight to take pictures when I was there--and I now regret that decision. But then, alot of the memories were of the time that my late wife was with me in Germany---rather bittersweet at times, to think back.

Mar 07, 2013
Sorry they look like condos.
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

Sorry Rita, they are not condos, you said they are apartments. It might be fun to rent one for the summer.

Mar 07, 2013
The E.M. Club
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

Hi Rita and everyone,
I remember that place very well. It was the Enlisted Men's Club. They had inexpensive drinks and sometimes entertainment on weekends.

The "Happy Hour" drinks were 10 cents and just before the Happy Hour ended everyone would order 5 or 6 drinks. I was only 17/18 and I was hanging out with the twenty something crowd and trying to keep up with them. Oftentimes it was not too successfully.

Rita, thank you for the latest photos. Yorkhoff is looking good! Do you have any idea what a condo might cost there these days? Not that I would buy one, I live in Southern California and the winter is too cold for me here.

Mar 07, 2013
Photos of Yorkoff 2013
by: Rita

Hi all,

Finally, I had the chance to stop at the former Kaserne to take some photos which I added at the top.

former us military area

At Chemnitzer Strasse, Hanau

This is another pic many of you might remember. It is down Chemnitzer Strasse. My husband told me this was an army club or casino, he said it was a place where he learned to drink!

The area is still fenced and locked.

lock and chains at a fence


Mar 04, 2013
557 Where is everybody ???
by: Smitty---Eddie Smith

I was at Yorkoff from 1968 to 1971..I know Anthony [tony] Lawrence, and Spanky the cook and David fisher, who also wrote on this post....It was the most awesome time of my life driving all aver Germany in those" crackerbox" ambulances. Some of us also spent a year working at the Heidelberg Army Hospital..I have a lot of photos from my time there of all the people I knew.. I will post them on this site on Saturday 3/9/2013..It will be interesting to see haw many people we remember.

Jan 29, 2013
695 Memories
by: Craig Warren

I remember you, too, Dan! Glen as well and Will Curtis. I've been trying to think of the guy in the orderly room's last name during my time of 69-74. Larry out of New York. BTW, if I coax my ex out of it I have a pic of me in Amb 34 at Fliegerhorst. I remember it had air conditioning in the back for the patients and we heads would do our thing then reverse the air and it was odor free. I remember people wanting to have a "smoke break" in the ambulance. Of course, I was included :-) this is a great site for our memories and it is good a lot of us are still alive albeit a little worse for wear..

Jan 27, 2013
RE: Henry Davis
by: Daniel Fry

I remember Don and Craig well. I also remember that sorry Maintainance Tent and what a pain it was to put up and take down. Sergeant Hook had us put it up there at the motor pool, but thankfully never made us do it in the field. I believe the doors were the hardest part of puting it up. Ah those "wonderful" memories! Dan

Jan 17, 2013
RE. Daniel Fry
by: Henry Davis

I have a photo Don Lewis and Komolac loading the big tent. I guess we were going on bivouc somewere. They were using the wrecker photo taken at motor poole.

Jan 12, 2013
Re. Bob Button and William Curtis
by: Daniel Fry

I just stumbled onto this site and was pleasantly surprised. I was in the 695 Ambulance unit and knew you (Bob Button) and have wondered where you are now. Call me at 541-751-8343

William Curtis, you mentioned someone in the motor pool that played guitar and sang country music. I also was in that motor pool and my buddy and room mate was in the motor pool and sang country music. His name is Donald G Lewis and was from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I don't know where he is today, but he was a cool guy.

If I was able I would take that trip back to Hanau along with my wife Brenda. We had some good times there. You all take care D

Sep 16, 2012
695th Feb 69-Aug 70
by: William Curtis

I remember Glen Bazor. I remember you use to come to the orderly room more frequently than others bugging us with questions. One day when I was really jammed up with paperwork, when you came in for about the fourth time that day, I got angry and threw you out. I am sorry about that. I think I remember Henry Davis. Did you work in the motor pool? Were you the guy who played guitar and sang country and wester music. I was 23 years old when I first arrived in Hanau. Some of my fondest memories are of Hanau and Germany.

Sep 14, 2012
We must know or at least recognize each other.
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

Larry, my e-mail is dusey@cox.net. Send me an early photo of yourself if you have one and I will try to find an early one of my self to send to you. The only people that I have contact with at that time are, Gary Braine, Renzo Rapacioli and Ruben Womack. I talk to them two or three times a year but if you remember any of them, let me know.

Sep 14, 2012
Reply (Vince)
by: Larry E. Lance

Hi Vince, it looks like you and I were following each other at a young age. I also volunteer for the draft at 17 years of age at the recommendation of my Uncle that was stationed in Orleans, France. He said 2 years would be better just in case that I did not like the military. I turned 18 at Fort Gordon, Georgia while attending Basic Combat Training.I had no intentions of making the military my career path. I met my wife, a German national and we decided to get married after a year together. Oh, what a headache and a mountain of paperwork. I did not get all the paperwork together in time "Everything in English had to be translated into German" I just run out of time. So, I ask my Commander, Captain Bischoff, if he would approve an extension of six months on my tour of duty, so that I could get the necessary paperwork finished. He agree, and kept me in service as an enlisted reserve (ER). Sad story, I did not get the paperwork completed in time, and he told me that I had two choices now, "go home or re-enlist" I re-enlisted, got married, and had enough time to go to Vietnam. By the way, I remember the Plane crash.

Sep 14, 2012
Additional Information.
by: Larry E. Lance

Hi everyone. Rita, so you live in GrossAuheim Wow! My wife and I lived in KleinAuheim. Nice little village and quiet. Our apartment was not far from the Main River where we could walk along and enjoy the beauty of the river and surrounding landscape. We had a great landlord. A lady named, Frau Maus and I sure miss her. She use to wake me when there was an alert for we had no telephone in our apartment....to costly at that time and she lived right across the street from us. After our son was born, she would babysit for us sometimes. We lived there for about a year. Thereafter, I was re-assigned to Fort Lewis,Washington for three months and then shipped to Vietnam for a year. I spent three(3) and half(1/2) weeks crossing the Pacific Ocean aboard the USNS "US Pope". I remember SteinHeim, Langendiebach, Bruchkobel, and so many other small cities. My heart will be forever in Hanau. I really enjoy the Hessen State and especially the Taunus area.

Sep 14, 2012
Many thanks to you Rita!
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

Hi again Rita,
Many,many thanks to you for maintaining this site. It provides a lot of memories for all of us who were stationed at Yorkhoff Kaserne and hopefully I can introduce a few more who were in the 695 Med Co. from 1964 to 1966. In 1966 there were three of us that had six months of duty remaining. Everyone else who had nine months or more was shipped to Viet Nam. I was only 18, had volunteered for the draft at 17 right out of high school and did not want to go. For about two months we were not sure if our tour of would get extended and we would be shipped or if we could just finish our time at Yorkhoff and go home. Fortunately we were allowed to stay in Germany and we still keep in touch to this day because it was such an intense experience. Anyone remember the airplane crash right down the street from Yorkhoff. I helped on that rescue but as a civilian because I was not on duty.

Sep 14, 2012
I enjoy your comments
by: Rita

Hi everyone,

just want to say that I enjoy reading about your memories in Hanau.

I didn't have much contact with Americans stationed in Hanau, except from the occasional hello to people who lived off-post in our street in Großauheim.

I admit, when I was a teenager and young adult, I was too shy to speak English at all.

So you comments make an interesting read, keep them coming.


Sep 13, 2012
yorkhoff kaserne
by: Bob Button

Keep up your memories helps keep mine fresh-er I was part of reforger 1 and spent my 21st birthday at a convoy control point near Heidelburg but cannot remember the town. If my memory is right Leroy Sutton was one of the smiling cooks that kept us well fed. Some of the others are going into the bars on curtesy patrol (Ididn't drink so was my only time in them),not much happening since it was just before pay day and all the money the guys could come up with was to keep the juke box going to dance by so no fights to break up. I remember going to Vielsek with the 2nd and 5th artillery from Babenhausen and not being able to come home because of the fog and not being able to inform my new bride about it. Also a spring day on the river in Hanau with Dave Singeltary and Wes Hanes we rented kyacks from Hans at the boat platz and nearly were run down by a very quiet ship so much fun

Sep 13, 2012
by: Craig Warren

Love those tidbits and the good folks before my time of 69-74 tie up loose knots and adds an overall view of the procession of things. I lived off post while in Hanau on a street called Lamboystrassa (downtown)around the corner from Hutier's Department Store. Across the street was the meat market called Fisch. I still remember everybody hanging their bedding out the window everyday!! I wasn't too far from the disco that was bombed by the Bahn Hopten group (forgive my bad spelling but am sure you folks know the places.) My electric bill was 5 bucks a month and my water bill was 5 bucks every 2 months and I opted for hot water! Had to turn it on myself as each apt had its own location to hot water tanks. My second son was born at 97th Gen Hosp in Frankfurt. Was in 1st 5 Reforgers and spent my fair share of time in Fulda, Graf, K-Berg, Hornsfelds (stirring up memories, y'all?) Thanx to whoever reminded me that one of the cooks was Leroy Sutton!! I have personally met SSG Luther Gray and served with him again at Fort Lewis, WA before I was happily assigned as a 91C to ICU at Madigan Hosp where I became the Wardmaster. Gray stills live in Wa in a city called Spanaway.

Sep 11, 2012
General Information
by: Larry E. Lance

I Would like to say thanks for all the comments. Thank you Rita for your input and time provided to this Web Page. I personally enjoy reading, the comments over and over. After, 40-50 years our memory slips a little and someone will write some comments that bring back the good memories of their tour of duty that we can relate to. I would like to provide additional information about the now departed military units and the surrounding area. The military presence in Hanau and surrounding areas, which included the Military,dependents,and the US civilians equal or exceeded the Local population. With this being said, we still had a great German/American relationship in the Hanau area.We had many Kasernes. Pioneer Kaserne (Community Headquarters) with the major facilities i.e. Commissary, PX, etc. Wolfgang Kaserne(Chemical), Grotzkrotzenburg (Logistics,maintenance support),Fliegerhorst Kaserne...(Aviation w/ Airfield, Air Defense Units) Francois Kaserne...(Field Artillery and Air Defense), Hessen Homburg...(Engineers, Bridge), Hutier Kaserne...(Signal Battalion), Campo Pond...Training area. Lamboy woods, Pop's Place, Atlantic Bar, Kinzig River, Karl Am See (Lake Area), Klein Auheim, Gross Auheim to name a few. Wonderful Area!

Sep 11, 2012
by: Bill Girsch

Thanks to this website, Bob Button and I have renewed our friendship. We were more than two guys stationed with the 557th. We both had our wives with us, for part of our tour. Even though we were there for mere months, the experience has stayed with us for many years.

Sep 11, 2012
hanau memories
by: Bob Button

sure is good to read the continuing comments you were there before my day 1968 but you have brought back my own memories so much more clearly thank you for them

Sep 10, 2012
by: Don Zarzana

Great story. I was at Yorkhof from 1961 to 62 prior to transfering to Hq Det 3rd Armored Division, Drake and then Edwards Kaserne (across the street from each other. I rembember the the trip on the MSTS Buckner to Bremerhaven, at night by train to Hanau. Arrived at the Bahnhof around 6:00a, however I wasn't picked up until around 3pm, my unit forgot about me. I was housed on the top floor above the mess hall. Often walked to the "club" down the street from the kaserne. It was a great time, too bad we can't turn back the clock.

Sep 10, 2012
Memories of Hanau and Yorkhof Kaserne
by: Larry E. Lance

Hello to everyone. I remember so much from my tour in Hanau. I arrived at Hanau Bahnhof on the norning of June 29, 1963 after a nine day trip from Brooklyn, New York aboard the USNS "Upshur"and a long night train ride from Bremerhaven Germany. An E-5 by the name of Morris D. McBeth pick me up as my sponsor. While driving back to Yorkhof Kaserne, I could not help but to observed the beauty of Germany. We arrived at Yorkhof, where the military Gate guards wave us through...No civilians guards, KPs, or any other civilians were allowed at that time to work on the Kaserne. It was the peak of the Cold War and all was secretive. There I was greeted by the First Sergeant (ISG Wilson), and my Platoon Sergeant(SFC Gaither). When I arrived, the Battalion was the 36th Medical Battalion and sub-ordinate units were, the 629th Medical Company(Clearing), 695th Medical Company (Ambulance), 427th Medical Company (Ambulance) and the Headquarters and Headquarters Company. The Kaserne was very Small,Quaint and the soldiers were close knit with each other. The surrounding Kasernes were, Francois (Where our Battalion vehicles were parked and Maintained),Hessen-Homburg, 23 Engineers part of the 3rd Armor Division. Hutier, which had the Signal Battalion, Education Center, etc. The NCO and EM Club was located on Chemitzerstr. Maybe 100 yards in distance from Yorkhof. The American Legion was on the corner of this Street and Lamboystr. and across from the Troop Dispensary. Some may remember the local hangouts i. e. the Eden Bar on Lamboystr. This is where the Band " Fats and Cats" play their music. The Teddy Bar, Moonlight Bar, City Bar, Storchen Nest, Charley's Star Bar and list goes on. We had Command Post Field Exercise(CPX) every month. We had Alerts every month and always during the hours that you were sleeping. All and all, I still enjoyed every day that I was assigned to this organization. When I arrived, I wore the V-Corps Patch, 7th Army Patch, (Seven Steps to Hell), we later became a part of the 31st Medical Group located in Darmstadt and the 7th Medical Brigade, located in Ludwigsburg. Our Shoulder patch change again to the 7th Med. Brigade. President Kennedy was still touring Germany and had just departed Fliegerhorst Kaserne right before I arrived in Hanau. Just Great!

Sep 07, 2012
by: Craig Warren

Yup, Bazor, I remember you. Some of the other comments ost was great.f Givens, Leroy, etc jostled more memories. Loved those commitments. Fligerhorst was a blast. Watched a bubble copter go up, blade break and I slid down the pole and rolled the ol' Amb up as the ched copter rolled on its head. Col came out, gave thumbs up and said he was ok and I headed back to room and watched the firetrucks go out. Brass was waiting for me next day, happy, for such a fast response. Shucks, I was just watching the show on airfield after smoking a bowl! Anyone would have "wanted" to get closer to the action. Part of the buzz. Yup, that pole was a thing to shimmy up! Being 63 now, I get palpatations thinking about it. I live in Florida now and await retirement in a couple of years. Love all the memories!

Sep 01, 2012
40 years ago
by: Greg Schulte

I just turned 61 yesterday. I remember my 21st birthday, which occurred forty years ago.

I spent the day at my commitment at Fliegerhorst helicopter base, assigned as a medic to the firehouse. I had my own room on the 2nd floor.

Whenever the German firemen had to take the fire engine out for something they would bang on my fire pole. I would open a closet in my room and slide down the pole. They would motion me to follow them and we would convoy somewhere on the base.

That day, August 31, 1972, the only thing that happened was that fuel was syphoned out of an aircraft of some sort and I had to stand by for an hour or so in case somebody got burned or something. Happy 21st! At least in Germany the drinking age was not an issue (I think it was 16) so turning 21 was not a tremendous occasion like in California.

For fun I used to climb UP the fire pole into my room. If only I could do that today. The German firemen spoke little English, but would occasionally want ice cream from the PX. The deal was if I went and bought it for them, they gave me enough money to get my own. The old "I'll buy if you'll fly."

Aug 29, 2012
557th med co (amb)
by: Norm Dowsey

I was with the 557th from Jan70 to June71. Had some great times and still have great memories. I remember some of the guys from the 695 also( gerald
johnson, the cook Leroy Sutton). In the 557th my co was capt lynch (my nemesis at the time) and ssg young was my platoon sgt. Some of the fellows were Stanford Jones, John Givens, Robert Johnson, Dave Fisher. Like so many I was a "head" at that time, and felt daily that the stockade awaited me (LOL)

Aug 25, 2012
The outposts of freedom
by: Greg Schulte

I remember doing commitments in 1971-73 to OP North and OP Alpha with the 11th Armored Cavalry on the east German border. It would be 1-2 weeks of no running water, playing spades or foosball for hours at a time and hoping for a movie to be brought out from Bad Hersfeld.

My wife, son and I drove from Salzburg to Prague in 2010. On the German-Czech border now there is no border control. You just drive in and the sign says welcome to the Czech Republic.

Driving back to Austria near Vienna was the same way. What a change from the iron curtain with mine fields and shotgun shells mounted on the border fences.

Jul 13, 2012
695 med. co. 69 to 71
by: (Glen) Clem Bazor

Would like to hear from someone that was there at that time , sorry for using CAPS.

Apr 30, 2012
Yorkhoff Kaserne
by: Don Zarzana

Dan - you were there when I was there, I arrived Dec 1961 assigned to HQ Det (Co. Clerk), under MSGT Tapscott (always had a cigar in his mouth), Lt.Col Bishoff. My bunk was on the third floor from the Mess Hall. I transferred to the 3rd Armd Div sometime in 1962.

Apr 29, 2012
Stationed there from 6/62 till 1/65
by: Dan Carter

The Hg there was the 31st Med, the other three companies there were the 427th amb. The 629th amb. and the 695th amb. Company which I served with. I visted the Yorkoff Kasern the last time I was in Germany in the year of 2001.

Apr 09, 2012
Thanks, Rita
by: Bill Girsch

Thank you, again, Rita for the great service you have provided to us. All of us that were stationed in Hanau felt at home in your town. Because of wonderful people, like you, we were welcomed with friendship.
When I visited with my German friends, I enjoyed
learning alot about your fine homeland. I heard of the hardships that the citizens went through during World War II. I grew to respect the people of Germany for their strength and courage, in very difficult times. Not every citizen supported the acts of the powerful leaders, and risked their own lives to do what was right.

Apr 09, 2012
All Caps
by: Rita

Hi everyone,

I am happy to read about your memories in Hanau, and even more happy when you find old friends here on my website.

Keep the comments coming. However, I ask you NOT to use All CAPS. It makes it so hard to read your comments, and I just don't have the time to edit them.

Thank you,


Apr 05, 2012
Arriving at Yorkhof 1971
by: Greg Schulte

I arrived at the 557th Med Co in September 1971. I flew in a chartered airliner from an Air Force base next to Fort Dix overnight to Rhein Main. I turned 20 years old in mid Atlantic.

We were bussed to the 7th Medical Brigade at Ludwigsburg for one night and I got my first introduction to German beer. Bigger bottle, more alcohol that a budweiser. One of those and I was ready for lights out.

Then a group of us took the train to Darmstadt to the 31st Medical Group. Overnight there and SP4 Gary Jones picked me up in a field ambulance and took me to Yorkhof Kaserne.

I had been in the army for just about 12 months by that time (6 months at Fort Campbell before being levied to Germany). What a change Yorkhof was from a typical boxy army barracks in the US. I was in the building with the company offices, with a shared room on the third floor.

It seemed like the Addams Family haunted house with nooks and crannies. After almost a year I even got my own room for a while, pretty rare for an E-4 in the army.

The CO was Captain Lamont Isom, a black guy from Alabama. He was pretty unpopular. The 1SG was Jimmy D. Marines. He made Sergeant Major a few months later. 1LT Plewes was XO and a good guy.

Some NCOs I remember were Roosevelt Columbus Jones, Jose Santos, and Virgil McFarland. They seemed like old men. I think they were all about 30 years old.

Now I am twice that old and they still seem like old men in my memory.

Apr 04, 2012
OCT 69 -MAY 71
by: GLEN BAZOR 695


Apr 04, 2012
Stars and Stripes
by: Henry Davis

I have a copy of the Stars and Stripes article about the drug bust including a photo of Vanderford.

Apr 02, 2012
by: William Curtis

When I arrived at the train station for my assignment in the 695th on Feb 22, 1969, SP4 Price and SP4 Mooney picked me up in an ambulance. It was a holiday or a weekend or something. They gave me the quick tour of downtown Hanau. It was very quiet on Yorkhof Kaserne. I did not get to meet the CO until Monday morning. When I reported to CPT Harvey H. Burwell, Jr., he was studying my personnel file. He said, "PVT Curtis, I see you have a college degree. Is that right?" I said, "Yes Sir." He said, "Can you type?" I said, "Yes Sir." He said, "Good. You are going to be my next company clerk." At the time, SP5 Carlos Bahler was the company clerk, SP4 Jeffrey Hunsucker was the asst. clerk, and, SP4 David Minton was the training clerk. They would all discharge in a couple of months. SFC Hardy was the acting ISG. He was not the sharpest tool in the shed. He really did not have a good grip on army paperwork, regulations or procedures. CPT Burwell had sufficient brain power, but he had no interest in all the paperwork generated in the orderly room. Being the company clerk was a lot like being Radar O'Reilly in the MASH fictional movie and TV program. I swear, I just typed the stuff up and the Squirrel just signed it. He rarely read anything. He really did not seem to care.
After the three clerks left that summer, William (Willie) Lamb became the assistant orderly room clerk and SP4 Wasnock became the training clerk. As I stated in a previous comment, CPT Burwell was removed after the drug bust in Feb 1970.
I remember SFC Hardy left (not related to the drug bust) and ISG Lawrence replaced him. One day, he was found slumped over his desk on desk. He was taken away in one of our ambulances. I never knew what happened to him. Never heard about any LSD. Other guys I remember were SP4 George Welch who worked in motor pool.
One of the unofficial leaders in the unit was SP4 Mike Bruan. He finally got promoted to SGT, but had to go to the 31st Med Gp in Darmstadt to get it. He was a real loss to the unit.
I remember we went on a 3-4 day FTX in Oct 1969. We packed up all of our gear, weapons, etc and headed to a site in the woods somewhere. In the middle of the night we received orders (grid coordinates) to pack up and move everything to a new site. At 1400 we were taking our convoy, trucks, jeeps, ambulances, etc., through a small German village and CPT Burwell was lost. He could not read a military map. He had no clue as to where we were or where we were supposed to go. He gave SP4 Mike Braun the grid coordinates and he got us to the correct site. He saved Burwell's ass. (Funny thing was, Burwell did not like or appreciate SP4 Braun. He thought Braun was a smart ass.)

Mar 29, 2012
Thanks, Rita
by: Bill Girsch

I would like to thank Rita and Germany Insider for this great web-site. Because of you, I have been able to reconnect with an old friend. Bob Button and I have talked on the phone, and we have e-mailed. We did serve together at Yorkhof Kaserne, with the 557th Med Co (Amb). He got to spend alot of time at the unit, and he did a great job. I was on assignment alot, so I did get to see several areas of the country.
I will enjoy future issues of ...Facts

Mar 28, 2012


Mar 27, 2012


Mar 22, 2012
old friends
by: Anonymous

Bill it is good to hear from you again. Remember when I drove your car to the airport to pick up your bride in your car.Sorry to hear of the loss of your wife. Call me sometime if you can at 616 433 7143 Iwould love to communicate.

Mar 19, 2012
557th Amb Co, Aug '68--Mar '70
by: Bill Girsch

I was also a driver in this fine unit during the same time that Bob Button was there. I grew up in Kansas, and came from Olathe. My late wife, Leona, and I were married one week before I went to Germany. She joined me in July '69 after nursing school. We had an apt in Grosskrotzenburg. We also bought a '57 Opel for our transportation.
If I remember correctly, there were five of us that went through AIT together,in the 557th, and two more that were with the 695th. Ninty percent of our AIT class went to Germany, even though it was the Vietnam Era.
Thanks for the memories, and keep it up...Bill

Feb 15, 2012
by: Henry Davis

I was there from Nov68 to May 70. some of the best tomes ever.

Feb 02, 2012
695 Med
by: Glen Bazor

When I got to 695 in 69 cpt Berwell was there. In time he left ,then 1st lt Fuller became co.My platoon sgt.was Sgt Bolden. The others wereSgt Gordon, Sgt Dinehart. I can"t remember the 1st sgt. Being from the south I had only seen snow a few times. We would take garbage can lids and tie arope to a jeep and pull eachother aorund the kasarne. It was great to be there,but glad to get home. Would love to go back one day.

Feb 01, 2012
by: Bob Button

Things were poping just after I left evedently. I was aware of a little mary jane being smoked occassionlly but thought our units were rather tame.You just never know.

Feb 01, 2012
by: William Curtis

CPT Harvy H. Burwell Jr. was the CO of the 695th Med Amb Co when I arrived in February 1969. SP5 Carlos G. Bahler was the Company Clerk when I was first assigned to the unit. I took over for SP5 Bahler as Company Clerk in August 1969 when he was discharged. CPT Burwell was removed from the unit in February 1970 after a major drug bust in the company. Six of our medics were arrested and court marshaled. I typed the court marshall papers myself. CPT Burwell was replaced by 1LT Alan Fuller. I left on August 2, 1970.

Jan 26, 2012
695 557
by: Bob Button

When I was there the CO was Cpt Burwell David Singltary Wes Haynes and Dan Fry were in 695
I was the acting platoon sgt of the 3rd platoon in 557 Lt James Fobre then Edward Lynch were COs
Sgt Traylor and young and Dekel were also plt. sgts.

Jan 24, 2012
Ambulance Driver
by: Glen Bazor

I was in 695 Med Company, SPC 4, from October 1969 until May 7, 1971. Just wondering if anyone else was there at this time. I will continue to check this site for response. I find it quite interesting and appreciate the site.

Jan 16, 2012
APO for Hanau (Yorkhoff Kaserne)
by: Don Zarzana

My orders from 1961 show APO 165.

Jan 14, 2012
I also have some photos of Lamboy Strasse.
by: Vincenzo (Vince) Marini

If anyone is iterested in some photos of the new Lamboy Strasse I can forward some of them to Rita to post if it is OK with her.

Jan 14, 2012
APO Address
by: Don Zarzana

I was there in 1961-62, I will search for the APO Address. I was assigned to Hq lived above the mess hall/snack bar top floor.

Jan 14, 2012
APO Address for HQ 36th Med Bn
by: James E. Brown

Does anyone out there remember the exact APO address for HQ 36th Medical Battalion, Yorkhof Kaserne, Hanau, Germany, between 1960 and 1963. Would appreciate it if you could email it to me at bropasch@peoplepc.com.

Please title/subject your message as APO Address so that the email Deamon will not treat it as spam. Thenks!

James E. Brown

Jan 14, 2012
by: William Curtis

I was the Company Clerk in the 695th Medical Co. (Amb) 1969-August 1970. My wife and I initially lived in an apartment on Park Strasse. Later, we moved to a small apartment in Langendiebch. I went back for a visit in 2004. Lamboy Strasse had been completely renovated. It had a McDonalds on it.

Dec 08, 2011
guitar player-nashville
by: David Fisher

I was an ambulance driver with the 557, i was there from Aug of 69-dec of 71, it changed my life, i became a guitar player thanks to a concert i went to when i was there. I remember alot of the guys in my company and the 695 as well. It was an amazing time in my life.
Anyone who remembers me and wants to get in touch should visit http://guitarsound.us/
great to see the pictures too, WOW

Nov 15, 2011
by: Greg Schulte

I served at Yorkhoff Kaserne as a medic with the 557th Medical Company (Ambulance) from September 1971 until our unit moved to Darmstadt in the summer of 1972.

Most of the kaserne was occupied by Polish gate guards and Turkish guest workers who did KP at the mess halls in other kasernes. Our building, just to the right as you entered the kaserne, was like a three story old victorian house with a maze of rooms, rather than a traditional barracks. The armory and supply rooms were in the basement.

I also remember the good times of late night schnitzel sandwiches and kapi orange drink that we would get at the shop on the corner at Lamboy Strasse.

We supplied medics and field ambulances for various Army activities, so I spent time on the East German border near Fulda and in the mountains at Graffenwehr and Wildflicken.

Nov 12, 2011
Yorkoff Kaserne Hanau 2010 - Photos by Vincenzo
by: Rita

Vincenzo sent me these photos which should bring back memories to everyone who were there.

yorkhof kaserne hanau

yorkhof kaserne hanau

yorkhof kaserne hanau

yorkhof kaserne hanau

Thanks for the pics.


Nov 11, 2011
Yorkoff Hanau Photos
by: Rita

Hi Vincenzo,

I would be happy to add your photos.

Yorkhof is now under renovation, the blocks will be converted into condos. In a year the renovations will be finished and I am going to add some photos then.


Oct 30, 2011
I was there last fall and have photos.
by: Vincenzo Marini

Hi Everyone,
My tour of duty at the 695 Medical Company was from 1964 to 1966. Lamboy Strasse was full of GI bars and hookers on the streets late at night. We often went to the E.M. Club or Park Tavern at the corner next to Yorkhoff.

I spent two months in Eastern Europe last fall but had to stop at Hanau for a couple of days on the way. When I was there in 1964 Hanau had a population of 19,000 civilians and there were 22,000 American soldiers.

Now there are zero American soldiers in Hanau and all the kasernes have been converted to condos and shops. It was actually a pleasure to walk from Yorkhoff on Lamboy Strasse to downtown Hanau. There is now a 1 Euro store similar to our dollar stores and a Macdonald's on Lamboy Strasse.

Yorkhoff is gated and abandoned. I took some photos that I would be glad to share if there is some way to put them on this site.

Ciao, Vincenzo

Oct 29, 2011
695th med amb co.
by: Gentle Ben

I could have been at Yorkoff Kaserne 1969 to 70.
I finally was permanent commitment to 9th
med disp. in Aschafenburg I remember Mitch.
Mike McCauley and others. 695 mjoved to A-burg in

May 26, 2011
Yorkhoff Kaserne
by: Don Zarzana

I was assigned to Yorkhoff Kaserne Nov 61 to 1962 when I transferd to the 3rd Armored Division Band in Frankfurt.
I believe it was the 27th Medical Bn at the time I was at Yorkhof. Listening to Fats and his Cats at the clubs on Lamboy St, and the shows at the American Legion right after pay day, on Lamboy St.
Great times.

Mar 16, 2011
Unit Designations
by: DocHamm

Mr. Anthony Lawrence

Hi, I am wondering whether or not you remember the unit designation of the unit you were in? For some reason the numbers 127th Ambulance Company comes to mind, but I am not sure. I hope you can remember them and correct my memories.

Thank you Mr. Lawrence.

Jan 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Not sure about before 1968 but assume it was the same 557 and 695 amb co were there and we were part of 31st med group headquartered at Cambri Fritch kasern in Darmstadt

Jan 20, 2011
Yorkoff Med.Units
by: DocHamm

In 1954-66 I was assigned to the Medical Company (Amb) on Yorkoff Kaserne. I can't remember the numbers to the units and the Bn HQ at the entry to the Kaserne. Does anyone remember them? Thank you

Jan 02, 2011
yorkoff kaserne 1969 69
by: robert button

thanks for commenting no I have not been back but would like to sometime it is good to look and refresh old memories

Dec 20, 2010
by: Anthony Lawrence

Spent 1969 at Yorkoff Kaserne as a ambulance driver, loved the french fries on the lefthand side of Lamboy St. Looking for Victor Adragna(Buffalo), cook we called Spanky

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