When I was small I lived on the post in Hanau

Altstadt - old town - Hanau

Altstadt - old town - Hanau

I enjoyed your video and wished that I could say that I remember even a bit of what it showed. My dad was stationed in Hanau from 1960-1964 and I distinctly remember where I lived in Niederodenbach and the Hanau post housing we eventually lived in.

My mom took us into Hanau for shopping but I only remember 1 large department store...
Funny, now I am living on the other side of Frankfurt because of my husband's job and we will visit both areas in hopes of seeing old memories.

I'm sure in 50 years it has changed tremendously in some areas and not at all in others such as the Altstadt.

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Jul 24, 2014
I also lived in Hanau
by: Anonymous

I also lived in Hanau, between 1960 and 1963 my father was stationed at camp pioneer

Aug 05, 2011
Hanau Germany
by: Rita

Thanks for sharing your memories.

Yes, there have certainly many changes since the sixties, and changes are still to come. But other things will remain the same.

The Goldschmiedehaus in the Altstadt, Schloss Philippsruhe, the lovely scenery along the river might bring back more memories.

And yes, the Brothers Grimm are still watching what's going on on the market square.


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