Stationed with the 42nd Ordinance Pioneer Kaserne 60-62

by Bernie
(Everett, Washington)

The market is still held twice a week

The market is still held twice a week

I was stationed with the 42nd ordinance on Pioneer 1960-1962.

Remember spending time at the Jolly bar listening to the Tielman Brothers. That ended when I met and married a German girl and we will celebrate our 50th this June.

We have returned many times to Hanau to visit with family and friends. We visit and keep in contact with the girl that introduced us fifty-one years ago. She and her husband will visit with us at our home this August.

We return to Hanau as often as we can. A lot has changed since we left but we have been able to return enough times that the changes are not a great shock.

My wife and I spend quite a bit of time streaming the Hessenschau on the computer so we are able to keep up with live news, currant programs and events.
I miss Germany and have always felt I left a good part of myself there.

Bernie and Erika
Washington State

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Stationed with the 42nd Ordinance Pioneer Kaserne 60-62

(By Rita)

Hi Erika and Bernie,

Thank you for sharing your memories. I am glad that you get the chance to return to Hanau frequently.

You are correct, there have been many changes in Hanau since then. And more are to come. I have started a photo album at the Germany facts Facebook page to document what is happening at the Freiheitsplatz area right now.

Here is a short video you and others might enjoy. It is called "Hanau a go-go" and was the working tilte for the TV documentation "Roll over Hanau".


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Feb 26, 2024
7th then 11th Chemical Co. 62 to 64 NEW
by: J.D. Lanfear

I think 42 Ord shared Wolfgang Kaserne with us. I believe we shared gaurd responsibilities with the ordnance company, too. My friends and I often took the train from Wolfgang to Frankfurt. From Pioneer Kaserne it was a pretty short walk to Wolfgang. Wolfgang Hotel had pretty good chow and of course plenty of booze. During my tour my outfit, 7th Chemical was combined with the 11th Chemical so we became the 11th Chemical Company. I remember when Furlin Husky came to the Pioneer EM club and when President Kennedy came to Fliegerhorst Kaserne.

Oct 05, 2021
42 Ordnance Company NEW
by: Everette Coppock III

Seeking information on the 42nd Ordnance Company at Pioneer Casern, Wolfgang/Hanau, Germany. I'm seeking telephonic interviews, photographs, and unit historical events. I'm writing an article on this unit plus, 85th Ordnance Battalion and additional line units. Email me Everette at or telephone 719.210.0492.

May 21, 2021
My time in hanau NEW
by: raymond esler aka tiny

was their from 64 to 67 was tdy with operation night eyes.found my wife their and we are married 54 years and have been back to europe many times. Enjoyed my time in the 42 Ord Co, TINY

Nov 13, 2019
42nd Ordinance, me too!
by: Rob Hill

Arrived Nov 23, 1963 to learn my new CIC Lyndon Baines Johnson. You were earlier, so personel changes, but, I wonder if First Sergaent Richard J. Zablocki was there with you. He was good to us.
Worked as a small arms repairman, but at that shop level never got to practice much that I was taught at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. Had a total of 70 days leave to spend in 14 months, so got away a lot. All in all a good enlistment, never regret it. I look back to 1964 as the best year of my life, albeit in the Army! It's kinda sad to see the kaserne going to seed, but I see new plans for a residential community is under way, and can adjust to that, hope the new residents find it a good home.
Jolly Bar, egads!

Mar 23, 2018
Bernie and Erica
by: Anonymous

so sorry i said hi rita instead of hi erica. my apoligies

Mar 23, 2018
42nd Ord Co, Hanau 60-63
by: Konstanty "olaf the handy man" Chichon

Hi Bernie and Rita! Very impressive site. I will return often.

Apr 20, 2013
My tour in Germany 1956-1959
by: John Perez

Thanks for the memories,I enjoyed the Hanau Go Go clip,I was stationed with the 589th Engineer Supply Co,at the Pioneer Kaserne in 1956-1959. My time begin in 1957-59,I drove a 5ton tractor-trailor,Jeep,3/4 ton,and 2 1/2 ton truck. This was the best time of my young life,being in Germany,and yes I have spent many good nights at the Jolly bar meeting many young german girls,
and dancing the night away.The many days we spent out in the woods were not fun,but I learned to endure it and it made me a better soldier for it. I remember the 42nd Ord,I think your company was in our barracks,and the MP's company were right behinds our barracks. My last year (1959),I played on the post baseball team,we didn't win alot of games,but we had alot of fun playing and visiting many cities,the best times of my life.
John Perez sp3

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