Stationed in Hanau '79 - '83

by Diane Merlock
(Myrtle Beach, SC)

Hanau Christmas Market

Hanau Christmas Market

Those four years in Hanau, in Germany, were the best years of my military career. Every weekend there were volksmarches, farmer's markets, castles to visit... so much culture and history to experience. The German citizens were friendly, and always willing to share the language, the food, the history...

Thank you, Hanau, for a wonderful tour!

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Apr 04, 2024
Hanau 1st duty assignment NEW
by: Jeff hinsman

Hanau was my 1st duty assignment following BT/AIT. I was assigned to C battery 1/40th (death dealers) 3rd AD. It would become my best experience while serving in the Army. I remember the monthly alerts in the early mornings then heading out to the GDP (general Defensive Positions located in the small German villages across the border from eastGermany. So many experience s to write. I loved it there

Dec 30, 2023
Miss the area NEW
by: Anonymous

8th Maintenance Bn '82 to 85. lived in Bruchobal youngest born in Frankurt was sorry to hear when they closed. Great area and wonderful people.

Sep 20, 2023
79 - 81 NEW
by: Anonymous

Anybody know or remember a sergeant Lore McGuire? Pioneer Kaserne 568 engr.

Apr 20, 2023
1955-56 NEW
by: Casey Bush

Not '79-'83 but '55-'56. Great duty

Feb 26, 2023
Good momories NEW
by: Rudy

I was station in hanau for 6 years can't describe the good times or bad times to me was just one of the best times or my life

Feb 05, 2023
The Party NEW
by: A Btry Francois Kassern

Lived in the barracks unmarried from 1980-1982. The barracks were animal house. It partied late most every night. We partied across the street on Lamboy until $ ran low each month. Most of us smoked hash daily. It was really good. This is before urine tests and we never had dogs or other deterrents. We had a small refrigerator we kelp well stocked with German beer from across the street. Fun fun times.

Jan 12, 2023
A co 503 CAB NEW
by: Dave Rinehart

I was At Fliegerhorst from 1977-1979 A co. 503rd CAB
OH58 Driver. Loved it

Dec 22, 2022
Tour of Duty
by: Cornell Polain

I was stationed in hanau from 1982 -1984. Francois kasern was my duty post. I really enjoyed my tour of duty.

Aug 16, 2022
Oh My Fliegerhorst! NEW
by: Joseph weaver

I was At Fliegerhorst from 1977-1979....Approx 2.5 years. It was so awesome and beautiful. I even loved the mess Hall. But mostly, I loved my Army Buddies and German Friend who were all the best any man could ask for. Thanks for being there. we were all young and dumb and full of?......I miss being young!

Jul 24, 2022
I loved Hanau NEW
by: Anonymous

I was Child Care Coordinator and opened Roseland Child Care.
Loved living in Buedigen.

Lots of trips around Europe- especially skiing.

Jan 19, 2022
77-81 Army, straight to Hannah after AIT
by: W

This brings back so many memories. Christmas in Germany was as good as it gets. Thanks for posting this!

Aug 05, 2021
We loved the Hanau area NEW
by: Paul

I was at Flegilehorst 1982-1985, we had a house in Budingen wife work at Pioneer Power-Zone. We never wanted to leave best time in our life.Youngest daughter was born at 97th Gen Frankfurt. We just fell in love with Germany, beautiful country, people,& food. So, many friends American & Germans. Thanks for the opportunity to warm our hearts reading the comments of other's.

Jul 10, 2021
by: Anonymous

Love Germany and been here since 1978 , July 4 1978, Love and been still here (2021) ? Love all
Please pass the word and keep 1/40 FA. Hanau Germany (lamboy)

LeRoy Doyle

Jun 22, 2021
1971-1974 NEW
by: Gabby Hockman (Bills)

Hi to all! I was a teenager, went to Hanau High.
Lived in the housing quarters, Old Argonner. My Mother is German so I would go stay with my grandparents on the weekend, I love living in Germany, my best time. My best friend was Patty Ferris and brother Steven Ferris. Rosie Blankenship, I miss you! I would to get in contact with ya'll. Hope you see this. Take care.

May 14, 2021
lived i n Hanau, Germay
by: Anonymous

s stationed in Hanau, Germany from 1982-1985, i used to work at Roseland Child Care center and Argonner Child Care Center, my youngest son was born at the Army hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, we had so much fun while in Germany, we lived on the German Economy in an apartment complex for the military, we went to Paris, France while we were there for New Years and went on lots of Rhine River Cruises, I hated it when it was time for us to go back to the states, those were the best time of my life, my other son went to grades 3,4, and 5th grade in Hanau, Germany,

Aug 23, 2017
'80 to '81
by: Elizabeth Weatherford

I was stationed at Pioneer Kaserne for 2 years. I had a great time, made lots of friends. Beautiful country. I still have pictures of the beer fest in Munich. So many good memories.

Jun 23, 2012
love Germany enjoyed Hanau
by: Anonymous

i was there for 3 years and loved it i didn't want to come back to the USA , i wish i could of stayed in germany , my father was in the army in Hanau,,Germany is so clean ,and well maintained,,and lots of history ,still standing,, not like in USA where most is torn down ,and trash on the streets and off highways and in woods,, German people have pride ,and sharish their land ,,nice farmer's market, with fresh foods and the toto loto man comes to nieghbor-hoods and delivers fresh bread and veggies and eggs,i like the German people when you have a good german friend they are very loyal,,i like all the parks and wooded areas people can go for walks ,swim in the river,, there is a sence of freedom ,that i never felt here,in USA, shore miss it alot,most German people go buy there daily food early in the morning form the baker and butcher and market store, all nice and fresh and very good, they never had fast food but hear they do now to bad they will get fat as us,,now, why can't we leave other countrys be as they are must we make every place like the usa, why !!??look at this country fat people we eat very unhealthy, we don't take care of are land, we think only of are selfs,and we have hungry staving people not jobs bad schools that education is lowsy ,here, so lets change other country like ares ,now that makes alot of sence ,what does are goverment do but waist are tax dollars, in germany everyone get health care , 6 weeks payed vication and one day a month payed day off to do what you want, for fun,, and everyone can get an dagree ,training and schooling for free,to make a desent living ,,maybe we should be more like Germany ,its more far to all,

Dec 05, 2011
Stationed in Hanau 1980-85
by: Pete Coogle

I spent five wonderful years in Hanau stationed on Pioneer Kaserne with the 85th and 8th Maintenance Battalions. I lived in Ravolshausen and made many great friends who I still maintain contact with even today. I recently visited my friends in 2011 and renewed many old friendships. The people are always friendly and welcomed me back in their homes. I will try and return more often.

Mar 09, 2011
Hanau 1981-1983
by: Anonymous

Loved my time in Hanau as a child. I will never forget the beautiful country and the great German friends I met. Unfortunately, I had all of my Volksmarch medals and walking stick with pins attached stolen upon my trip back to the states. I would love to be able to find replicas or replacements. Any suggestion please post.

Dec 20, 2010
Greetings from Hanau
by: Rita

Hi Diane,

Good to hear you enjoyed your time in Hanau. There are indeed many wonderful places to visit in our area.

Merry Christmas to you.


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