Stationed in Hanau 1967 to 1969

by Rodney Murphy
(Louisville, KY)

Freiheitsplatz Hanau

Freiheitsplatz Hanau

I was stationed in Hanau from 1967 until 1969. I loved the town. I went back in 2008 and 2009. It has really changed. I plan to go again in a couple of years.

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Apr 19, 2024
Message center 2/75 Artillery Howitzer Battalion NEW
by: Specialist4 Tom S

I was stationed in communications with spec Schiffmacher (of Brooklyn)&sgt Henson & Moore and Lt Hogarth etc. from 1968 -70 in 2/75 HQ BATTALION and I spent my time delivering messages & crypto decoding & courier duty and I remember taking my vacation time with trips to Paris ,Amsterdam,London ,Antwerp , Lucerne , Frankfurt & Bavaria with different GI’s Robin ,Mike,Gary & others traveling Western Europe & saving the rest for my college when I got out as A spec 4 (2/75 motto was" prepared to do" )If anyone wants to contact me at and share their memories of that experience we can enjoy some good times 😌WISH WE COULD BE AS YOUNG AGAIN WITH OUR WHOLE LIFE OF ADVENTURES AHEAD OF US AGAIN but we were lucky to be stationed at Gen Goring’s rumored hidden airfield and where US Mohawks flew out from and secured the area!

Apr 10, 2024
Pioneer kasern 1969-70 NEW
by: Dave Parmelee

Worked at the 71st APU (Post Office) as a window/money order clerk. Later, (sgt e5), supervised all unit mail clerks. If you bought a stamp, money order, mailed a package home, or was a unit mail clerk, It was me who you most likely dealt with. Loved Hanau. Best part of my Army life.

Feb 07, 2024
Daughter Staff Sargeant Charles Witt NEW
by: Patty Witt

I went to school at Wolfgang School in
Hanau Germany. My dad was stationed in Hanau between 68 and 69. We originally lived In Horsefield Housing and then in Cardwell Village.My teacher was Ms Gilbert. I was in 5th grade. My parents were Chuck and Louise Witt.

Feb 02, 2024
149th Maintenance Company
by: Randy Robertson

Stationed in Hanau from 1986 to 1988. I should of done extended. Stationed at Pioneer Kaserne and worked in Wolfgang. Loved every minute. Still working on getting back for a visit.

Jan 28, 2024
621 Gen Sup Co NEW
by: Noe

Bill Paris I was station Hutier 4-66 43-68

Jan 05, 2024
4th 18th FA Bravo Battery Francios Kassern
by: Dove

My two years assigned to 4/18FA Bravo Battery 66-68
allowed me the opportunity to be proud American in a foreign country.

Oct 27, 2023
485 CSB Hutier Casern
by: Everette Coppock III

Served at Hutier casern with the 485th Corps Support Battalion, 2003-2007.

Oct 27, 2023
Hello you former US soldiers
by: Jens Arndt

I am German and was born in Hanau in 1955 - I grew up with the US Army and had many great experiences with you! In 2008 the US base was closed - it was like a cut in the heart. Today I also live from the memory of you. We miss you. All the US barracks are now converted and in civilian use. I wish you all the best and don't forget Hanau!

Sep 19, 2023
Stationed in Hanau
by: Bill paris

was stationed in Hutier Kaserne from Dec 1965 to July 1968 I was in the 574 th Personnel Services Company. I worked in the Data Process Unit
Nice place to be in service. Had lots of fun and seen alot of places in the country

Jun 25, 2023
24th Transportation Battalion NEW
by: Everette Coppock III

Request your assistance with information for the following:


HHD, 24th Transportation Battalion, Francois Casern, Lamboy/Hanau.

67th Transportation Company, Pioneer Casern, Hanau
68th Transportation Company, Pioneer Casern, Hanau
76th Transportation Company, Pioneer Casern, Hanau
254th Transportation Company, Pioneer Casern, Hanau

Jun 25, 2023
Hanau 1968-1971 NEW
by: Billy Murphy

Company be 85th maintenance battalion there was about six of us ever computer specialist, Michael white head Roger Davis Paul Dinerstein, and me a couple more I can’t think of their names, but I remember Tony Lasich Dickson Pierce we have stayed in contact over the years. Our company commander was captain Hale had lunch with him, and Mike Whitehead in Boston many years ago Dickson Pierce was my best man at my wedding had visited Dick on occasion spent some time with Mike, whitehead and Kentucky. We went to Cincinnati Bengal football game. I dated a German fräulein Petra for around 15 months had such a great time great memories Roger Davis was the smartest one of all of us. He was from Wisconsin quite a few people from Oregon. I can’t remember most of their names, but my phone number is 813-416-9744. Do you remember me and was in that company it feel free to give me a call

May 20, 2023
by: Gary ("Joe") Stewart

1969-72. Not sure if it was called Hessen-Homburg or Pioneer Kaserne (?), but Echo Company, 23rd Engineers, MOS 62B20 (Heavy Equipment Operator), MOFAB (Mobile Floating Assault Bridges).

Had an absolute ball the entire time! From bridging and floating the Rhine River day and night, with convoys and war games in Grafenwöhr, to dining on schnitzel and pitchers of Lowenbrau or bottles of Liebfraumilch wine for pennies on the dollar, to menacing young fräuleins in downtown Hanau pizza parlors and taverns after-hours, to being chased down alleyways in the dark (while on pass) by hashish-crazed Turks who'd come there to make money. It was a real hoot!

God Bless America!

Dec 25, 2022
Shout-Out to Maynard Vannett NEW
by: Ed McCahill

Hey Maynard, Sorry I'm a couple years late. Am just viewing your post. You forgot to mention your status as an A Co."Wolley-Bugger"! Don't be so modest! We played softball together in 23rd Eng.Bn league. (Bn.Champs 1967) Wasn't a big deal but we DID miss out on KP & Guard-duty which was VERY cool. That made a few people unhappy for sure.( Too bad ) Glad to hear you're alive & kicking! Don't answer any mail from the Russian draft-board. I thought WE had it tough! Give me a shout if you're able! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you & yours, Ed McCahill 12-25-22

Dec 01, 2022
Hanau 85 Maintenance BN
by: Everette Coppock III

Seeking additional information and photographs for the 85th Maintenance Battalion, Hanau, Lomboy district.

Nov 28, 2022
From Hanau to Giessen
by: Paul Horton

I was stationed for a time in Hanau, H&HCo HEM Pioneer Kessern. We would walk to town to the Atlantic Bar, the only true soldiers bar. Moving to Giessen to another HEM Co, where I become motor pool dispatcher, a position most disliked me having. I ended as the Battalion General’s duty jeep driver, funny position, as the General only traveled in the staff car, or in the heavy tank. No complaints, they sent me all over Germany, carrying messages or parcels to and from military bases. I had a shaving profile, not required to shave. A customized uniform, and a specially made cap, all of which only caused me to stand out, while the Stars, two of them, placed on the front of the jeep, kinda made a US Army soldier feel SPECIAL. Must admit I was truly blessed!

Nov 28, 2022
Stationed in Hanau and Geissen NEW
by: Paul Horton

I was stationed in Hanau for a brief moment before shipped to Giessen. It was a HEM Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 88th Engineering Battalion. I remember the 88th, just unsure whether in Hanau or in Giessen. I remember Pioneer Kasern, Pendleton Barracks.

Aug 27, 2022
Who Knew 66 NEW
by: Sonny Dove

We served at times when practice made perfect without live ammo. We had to plan in advance of monthly ALERTS. Until Chez/ Russian visit we were sure this was it. Spent week in key location with town close at hand for entertainment.
Rest we battled the Gun Wash Racks with charged pressure vehicles blasted with dull grade paint appeared. One day nothing better to do we were ordered to paint every white star on anything. We began OD look 1967. It was great we had to stencil all the covered.

Aug 21, 2022
Looking for my grandpa NEW
by: Penny

I am looking for my grandpa, he was stationed in Hanau around 1974 and met my grandma Ursula. He was from Corpus Christi , Texas and his name was David Garca. If anyone knows or knew him this would mean the world to me ! Contact me via

Jul 01, 2022
Major Robert Plamondon 66-67? NEW
by: Marc Plamondon

just found this sight, we were stationed there for a couple of years??? I was 3 when my dad crashed an OV1 in Italy relocating it up to Hanau.

did anyone know/remember him?

my email is

May 21, 2022
Fliegerhorst 1964-1966 NEW
by: Lee McDermott

I was stationed there from 12/1964 to 12/1966. originally it was Co.B 504th Sig. Then in maybe mid 1965 we converted to 881st LEM and moved to the barracks at Hessen-Homburg ?? and commuted to the field twice a day. Originally, we were at a Fliegerhorst barracks and walked to the aviation shop. That was nice! I was the OV1 Infrared Tech at the shop. and worked on the "C" planes. I remember Lt. Lederman, CWO Patterson, SSG john Brush, Steve Schreiner, Bob Doering, Bob Ziegler, Dennis Abey, Zelinski, Moeller, Sharp, Reifler. It was a wonderful time. Come re-up time they offered me a chance to go to a "warmer climate" and another stripe. I chose to go to Ohio State. I'm happy with that decision!

May 14, 2022
Looking for my brother's father
by: D.Hoffer

I know this is out of the norm, but my brother's English is not so good so he enlisted me to try to help. All we have is a picture and the knowledge he was in the US army stationed at Hanau in 1968. If anyone would be interested in helping, I'll gladly share the picture. My email is

Apr 14, 2022
Headquarters Battalion, General’s Driver
by: Paul Horton

Stationed in Hanau, 1967-8 ETA March 1969. Kieserkeserne, Pioneer. Also had time in Giessen.

Mar 18, 2022
Hanau Fliegerhorst US Army
by: Gary Lewis

I was in Hanau stationed at the Fliegerhorst Kaserne.Workef at the Battalion HQTRS in 1969-1971 My boss was E8 Sergeant Carelli he was great . My email is

Jan 06, 2022
245th Trans, avionics platoon
by: Ken Bancroft

I was with the 245th Trans Co, Avionics Platoon Oct, 67- Jan, 70.
We provided tech support and maintenance to the 122nd Aviation Company. I repaired the cameras used on the Mohawk aircraft. Our shop and barracks were directly across the street from the 122nd Aviation hanger. There were only 20 guys +/- in our unit. Our Co HQ was outside of Mainz.
Loved my time in Germany. My now wife traveled from Baltimore and we were married by the Mayor of Langendiebach (now part of Erlensee).

Dec 06, 2021
23rd. 69. 70. NEW
by: Gordon Treadwell

Get in touch 910 850 0431

Oct 18, 2021
Hanau 85 Maintenance BN
by: Everette

Tony Lasich, call me to discuss the 85 Maintenance Battalion at 719.210.0492. Everette

Aug 28, 2021
Served in hanau 69 70 NEW
by: Ray steele

Any one left that served in Hanan 1969 1970 my company was the first building on the right as you entered. Engineer Bridge spc email me at one eyed Ray

May 15, 2021
85th. Maint. '66&'67 NEW
by: Tony O'

I was a company mail clerk with a true friend for a boss. I walked 100 yds. to the EM club every nite and got hammered for a buck or two. In '67 I made E-5 and only had to walk 50 yds. to the NCO "Snake Pit" behind the Mess Hall where a "shorty"(12 oz. Heineken),cost a dime!No shit! ten cents!

This was my life as a twenty year old kid. At a time when Viet Nam was raging, this was my life!

Don't get me wrong. I was a smart kid and I was aware of,and grateful for, my good luck. But, I'm an old man now and I think about those unlucky kids.

Loved the 85th. HQ & A. Thanks David!

Mar 25, 2021
30th Trans
by: Terry Thren

1970-71 worked in the Motor Pool 30th Trans co.
Does anyone remember our building number.

Mar 11, 2021
85 Maint BN and 485 CSB
by: Everette

Request an email at to discuss the units of 85th Maint BN and the reorganized to the 485 CSB

Feb 28, 2021
by: Tony Lasich

I was stationed at Pioneer Kaserne from 68 thru 71. Co C 85th maintenance battalion. Would loved to hear from anyone in my unit that was there at the same time. Beautiful people & a beautiful country. Wish I could do it all over again. Did anyone frequent the Gloria Bar across from the entrance to Fliegelhorst Kaserne a place most GI's went to. Memories

Jan 24, 2021
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have any photos of the 881st LEM Co barracks. I believe we were in the Hessen-Hombury Kaserne in Hanau, Germany. The 23rd Armored unit was there to.
Curtis Cook

Jan 24, 2021
by: Nathaniel Williams


Jan 10, 2021
881st LEM Co.
by: Curtis Cook

I was stationed in Hanau, Germany from summer of 1968 until February 1971. I worked on sewing machines and in Canvas and Webbing with a couple of German men. I drove a duce and a half to work on the autobahn, no speed limit. I enjoyed my time in Hanau, the people and the food. Being from sunny Florida, this was my 1st real experience with snow and ice. I never knew it could get and stay that cold. A few of us went on R&R to Garmish, Innsbruck Austria and a few other places. Beautiful country..

Dec 08, 2020
223 Ordance
by: Larry Cejka

Was stationed on Fleigerest Kaserne, 1964-1966, in support of the 6 Missile Battalion, 59th Artillery. Our job to to make sure when artillery pushed the fire button that the HAWK missile left the launcher..
What a great time it was; met my beautiful bride while stationed there, while on Fleigerhorst Kaserne.

Jun 28, 2020
Hanau NEW
by: Kathy Borucki

Was with my husband in Hanau all of.1970. Does anyone remember Tom Buys and his wife Elke? We were such good friends.

Jun 13, 2020
Spring and Fall of 1968
by: Tom Connolly

I went to school in Hanau in the spring and fall of 1968. My father Sgt. Patrick Connolly was the "manager" of the officers club there. I remember going there often - they had a miniature golf course outside the club, as well as a mini casino inside, with slot machines. I went to school in the "bungalow" classrooms, which were only for 1st and 2nd graders. For third grade, I had to cross the horribly frightening main road and walk about 15 minutes to the school. My 3rd grade teacher was Mrs. Sasahara. I wish there were some way to get in touch with her. I was a very, very shy child that did not adapt well to being moved around. She had a way of making students feel OK about life. In the fall of 1968, my father got orders for 'Nam so we left.

Jun 12, 2020
Hanau Buffs football
by: Mark Valliant

best youth football program. i played for the buffs for two seasons 1971-72 under coach coward. lived in old argonner where our practice field was. we had our own cheerleaders big bonfire pep rallys traveled by bus to other american post and bases to play. it seemed like the big time for a 11 and 12 yr old. had alot fun playing year round sports there with the AYA.(AMERICAN YOUTH ASSOCIATION)

Jun 07, 2020


Mar 08, 2020
Shop office Clerk
by: Nathaniel Wiilaims

I worked in the shop office from 1967 thru 1969. Just trying to get in contact with a few veterans I served with. Thanks

Feb 15, 2020
23rd armored Engineer, Hessen Homburg Kaserne.
by: Ed Kuntz

Stationed Hq. 1957-58 S-4 worked for Major Strang office 3rd floor Adm.Building. Traveled western Europe and West Berlin before the wall was erected'Got hops Rhine Mein airport to London. Spent some cold times on Nato exercises Loved the food.We wore IKE jacket uniform. Came back on the UPSURE troop ship

Jan 17, 2020
65-67 23 Engr Bn
by: Maynard Vannett

Took my basic at Ft. Lenardwood Mo. Stationed in Hanau June 65 until Dec 67 in the 23rd Engr Bn, Hessen Homburg Kaserne on Lamboy Strausse.

Dec 06, 2019
Hessen Homburg 1971-1973
by: Gary Luke

I was a member of the ADM Platoon and would love to contact anyone who would have been there during that time.

Apr 12, 2019
66-67 Hessen Homburg
by: Steve Oxley

The 881st LEM was my home for 1 1/2yr. Pretty Country, good food & good beer.

Jun 18, 2018
Army Brat
by: Bill Hogue

Our second tour of Germany was 1969 - 1972. We briefly live at McKee Baracks, Crailshiem just prior to Christmas. Coming from Fort Gordon, Georgia the snow was beautiful. We lived in temporary quarters on the top floor. Just curtains for a doors. I attended 6th grade there. Then moved over to Dolan Baracks in Schwasbish Hall. Beautiful old German City. My father CWO-4 Richard E. Hogue was the avionics maintenance chief for the OV-1 Mohawk aircraft. Everything then moved to Hanau. We moved and lived at Old Argonne Kaserne briefly. Used to watch maneuvers at Campo Pond behind Old Argonne. Then enjoyed the pizza place on the corner from the Kaserne. There was Hi-Fi Stero market across the street. My father took us to these places often. I live in quarters just across the playground across from Hanau elementary school. My favorite teachers were Mr. Fujimoto our science teacher and Mr. Schmidt my shop teacher. I still to this day have the maghogny wall shelf I built in his class. Then we later moved out to Fliergerhorst Kaserne. Great little base community to live in. I saw all the movies at the base theater their such as the "God Father", "The Omen", Willi Wonka, Kelly's Heroes and many others. On Saturdays I used to ride my bicycle to Pioneer Kaserne. There was a lottery for us kids to get the chance to make some money bagging groceries at the commissary. Later the Army brought in Turk Laborers and ended that for us kids. Us kids hated the Turks for taking our only job opportunity away. Anyway it was a great experience. I hated moving back to Fort Gordon but that is the way it was as a kid. I later would join the Marine Corps and have my own adventures.

Mar 24, 2018
Dave Morphis
by: Anonymous

Station at pioneer kaserne 1971 thru 1972, 543 HEM company. My wife Kay and I lived off post in Wolfgang across the tracks on Bogenstrasse #7. Really enjoyed our time in Germany. I see lots of pictures of pioneer on the Internet but nothing of the streets in Wolfgang. Anybody have any?

Mar 16, 2018
67-69 23d Engr Bn
by: James (Tom)(Fig) Newton

Jun 67-Apr 69 1LT 23d Engr Bn Hessen-Homburg Kaserne Lamboy Strausse

Oct 17, 2016
2sec support brigade
by: doug duffie

baseball team 1967
col. hepner commander

Mar 12, 2016
Living in Hanau
by: Frances James

My ex-husband was stationed at Fleigahorst Kasserne in the 3rd Armored Division. I lived is Hanau with him from November 1967 to September 1969. What an experience to live and work in another country and a beautiful country it was. It was my first time being away from California and I learned to live and love this wonderful place. I will never forget the time I spent in Hanau!

Dec 02, 2014
Army Brat in 1969
by: Dennis

My dad was stationed in Hanau from 1969 to 1970. I have many good memories from there; it is where I started school from first grade to part of second. I also had the best Christmas in 1969. It is still in my heart.

Feb 23, 2011
My Hanau
by: Anonymous

Hanau is my home town. I was born there in 1968. We left in 1982 and I've only been back once, in 1985, for about 1 Frankfurt, actually. Part of me wants to go back to Hanau but the other part is afraid that all the changes will hurt too much. Especially the absence of American Military! God Bless Them!

Jan 24, 2011
More changes to come
by: Rita

Hi Rodney,

I am glad you loved Hanau. I agree, there have been many changes since then, and more are to come.

Now that the American troops have left Hanau the housing areas are undergoing conversion.
Another big project is planned to make the city centre more attractive, although this is quite a bit controversial.

But there are also things that will never change, so you will certainly find some places just the same as they were 40 years ago.


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