Luggage storage in German trains

ICE train

ICE train

A reader asked "Where do I store luggage on the train in Germany?

That's a pretty good question. Here are a few possibilities and recommendations for train travelling.

1.) All trains have overhead racks to store bags and suitcases. However, the capacity of these racks varies widely, depending on the type of train. Most racks won't hold large suitcases.
Usually, you can store smaller bags underneath the seat.

2.) ICE trains have a limited amount of lockers where you can leave your luggage when you go to the bord bistro or restaurant.
There are also some storage bins in the open rail carriages on ICE trains.

Sometimes people store their large suitcases next to the seat in the aisle, which is an annoyance for other travellers who walk through the train with their baggage.

3.) Local trains also have the overhead racks. At the end of some carriages is extra room where you can sit on a jump seat and have a large suitcase standing in front of you.

When you travel a lot by train, the best thing is to travel light. Don't forget, you have to move your luggage around quite often.

ice train carriage row

You'll see these signs on platforms where ICE trains stop. They show the numbered carriages and the section on the platform where a certain carriage is located when the train stops. Makes it easier to get into the right car, and avoids walking through the train to find your booked seat.


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Jun 13, 2023
RE trains NEW
by: Sam Evans

We flew into Dusseldorf and caught the RE5 train direct to Koblenz. We each had a medium to large suitcase for a two week stay. There was nowhere on a busy train fir the cases so we had to put them in front of a seat. This caused comment when passengers were looking for seats. Why does DB deliberately not have storage space for larger luggage on these trains, particularly when they are the direct connection with an airport?

May 23, 2011
DB baggage service
by: Rita

Just in case you have two large suitcases and don't want to handle both on a train journey, Deutsche Bahn offers a house to house baggage service.

You can order the service by phone Service-Hotline 0180 5 99 66 33 until 12 noon on the day before the baggage should be collected. Delivery period is 2 working days.

So this will only work when you stay a couple of days at your destinations between a train journey.


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