Born in Hanau

by Chris Tully
(Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.)

Bürgerfest 2010 at Schloss Philippsruhe

Bürgerfest 2010 at Schloss Philippsruhe

I am the American(really German-American) who created the video of Hanau. As noted on the video, it is where I was born in 1964. I was also given up for adoption shortly after for what I was told were economic reasons.
I was able to locate my birth mother a few years ago, who had immigrated to the states. She let me know my father was a U.S. serviceman serving in Hanau. "Hi dad, where ever you are!"

I cannot tell you the sense of pride and emotion I felt experiencing the little town (as I had no recollection having been brought to the states when I was 2). In many respects, I felt a piece of me, long missing, had been found.

Hanau is an immaculate little town and the people friendly.
I especially enjoyed the market place held on the weekend...all the people bustling around, smells of sausages and food filled the air and the melodic chimes of the Neustädter Rathaus clock.
I used pre WW2 images as well as images of today's Hanau out of respect of both times, for my heritage and also because I was a product of post-war.

Hanau is definitely worth a little visit when you are in the vicinity of Frankfurt!

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Feb 22, 2024
Ami in Hanau
by: Anonymous

I am an American retired in Hanau, would be happy to help people with researching things needed in Hanau

Feb 15, 2024
Kontaktaufnahme NEW
by: Anonymous

Ich möchte mit der Person in Kontakt treten, die den Kommentar im Januar 2021.01.01 veröffentlicht hat.

Ich frage mich nur NEU
von: Anonym

Auf der Suche nach überlebenden Familienmitgliedern von Emil Bielewski. Ehefrau Rosa (Koch) Bielewski aus Hanau

Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich, ich bin ein Enkel von Rosa und Emil Bielewski
Kontakt über

Jan 16, 2024
SEARCHING for my Daughter & her Mother
by: Joseph Medrano Morones Jr

I found this great website in 2017, it has done a lot of good for others!!

I am still looking for my daughter and her Mother
by: Joseph Medrano Morones Jr

My daughter's name is Jennifer Uschi Knoll, she was born on August 20, 1971 in Hanau. Her Mother is Elizabeth "Alice" Knoll, who's birthday is January 19, 1949, I believe. Alice worked in various Guest Houses (bars).

In 1/1971 when I was sent to Graf for training, on 3/5/71 I got orders for Viet Nam and had 3 days to process out before leaving, I returned to Hanau on 10/15/1971 and was able to spend a little time with her before being ETS, and lost all contact with her Mother Alice.

I am looking to find out any information on them.

I am a 100% disabled VET & now live in Sacramento, California, my health now is not good and I am still hoping to locate them.

I can be contacted at my email; j.morones at, or under my full name on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Joseph Medrano Morones Jr

Jan 16, 2024
Looking for my birth mother NEW
by: Anonymous

I am looking for my birth mother or any family members. Her name was/is Maria Schleinkofer maiden name (not really sure of the spelling). My father was a military man stationed there and I ended up with he and his wife from 3 days old we moved back to the US. This was in 1962 we went back and forth 2 or 3 times I did go to school there (Kindergarten and 1st grade).

Nov 07, 2023
Sportsfield Elementary School
by: Anonymous

I was in Hanau from 72-96. I was in 6th grade and I helped paint the fairytale pictures on all the buildings.

Nov 07, 2023
Looking for Cherished Friends
by: Joanne

I was thinking about the wonderful two years I spent teaching 1st Grade at Hanau Elementary School (Sportsfield) and was wondering if any of my dear friends might still be out there. I was there from 77-79 and taught in my Hansel and Gretl hut. My husband was a Captain in the Army and that's how we met. He worked for the Maintenance Company.Would love to reconnect with anyone who might have been there at the same time.

Nov 07, 2023
Looking for my Best Friend
by: Anonymous

I found my best friend Nancy Miller or she found me. Thanks for listening to me.
I loved living in Hanau. 72-96 were the best years of my life.

Nov 06, 2023
Looking for my Daughter Jennifer U. Knoll
by: Joseph M Morones Jr

Elisabeth "Alice" Knoll, is my daughters Mother, She was 2 months pregnant in 1/1971 when I was sent to Graf for training, on 3/5/71 I got orders for Viet Nam and had 3 days to process out before leaving. My daughter Jennifer Uschi Knoll was born on 8/20/1971 in Hanau, I returned on 10/15/1971. I got to spend a few months with her before I ETS out, the Army would not allow me to stay in Europe, because of what work I did in the Military, and lost total contact with her Mother. LOOKING FOR ANY HELP IN FINDING HER !!! I HAVE TRIED GERMAN CONSULATE FOR OVER 47 YEARS AND NOTHING................

Dec 21, 2022
Find Memories
by: Tom Ingalls

Was stationed in Hanau at Pioneer Kacerne in the 60's. Our outfit -42nd Ordinance donated money to a local orphanage. I was selected to purchase presents for the orphanage and sing there at Christmas time. Fond memories.

Dec 06, 2022
Looking for my Best Friend
by: Patricia Lavenz Goff

I am looking for my best friend that I grew up with in Hanau. Her name is Nancy Miller. I think she is still in Germany. Her grandmother lived around Hanau and left her house to her. I doubt that I will find her but can't help to put this out in the universe. Happy Holidays to all. Thank you for reading this.

Dec 04, 2022
I'm lookimg for a friend that... NEW
by: Roy Montesinos

I los contact with a frien 27 years ago and I have been looking for her the las 7 years and nothing jas come up. She's from Hanau, West Germany. Can anyone give me a hint on how to look for her if possible....

Mar 12, 2022
One Sunday while walking toward downtown NEW
by: Jim von hessen-Homburg Anonymous

A G I from some other battalion ran up behind me
we walked together along the north side of Lamboy
Strasse and then he said we should cross Lamboy &
go to this apartment across the Strasse where there
was a store that sold stuff thru a window and there
were a few people standing in line waiting to buy
stuff thru the window and one of them was a boy approximately 10 years old and he was speaking German. This G.I. I was with told him to speak
English and he did start speaking excellent English.
The 10 year old boy was dressed nice like he had been to church. I was embarrassed by the G.I.'s
wise crack. It easy to see why the usa will soon be
a has been empire. Jim von Hessen-Homburg THE END

Mar 11, 2022
Looking for any relatives NEW
by: Valerie

My grandmother Elsa Juengling was born in Hanau in 1909 to Karl and Magdalena (Gerlach) Juengling and had one brother Arthur born in 1913 passed in 72. She left for the US in 1929, arriving a few days before Christmas. I can be reached at

Jan 27, 2022
Looking for mother's family NEW
by: Michael Carroll

I'm looking for my mother's birth family. She was born in Hanau on November 20,1947 with a listed address of Diebacher Weg 61. She was born Brigitte Maria Ruffer to Elise Liselotte Ruffer and was later adopted by an American military man - subsequently put up for adoption again once in the United States. I am at a dead end - I have found on what appears to be a death certificate for another child named Karl born and died in 1949. If anyone can help - please contact me at: or find me on Facebook.

Thank you!

Dec 08, 2021
Looking For Birth Mother/Family NEW
by: Thomas

I was born January 1, 1960 in Hanau to an unwed mother under the name Thomas Ranky. I believe the father was a US serviceman. I was adopted in 1961 From an orphan center in Hanau. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please send comments to Thanks!

Aug 12, 2021
Finding a lost relative.
by: Doug

I am trying to find out information about a distant relative. Her name was Katherine Schmidt. Born 1883 near Hanau, Germany. Went to school for 8 years and passed grade 8. Had 4 brothers and sisters .. 2 of which died. Moved away to Canada in May 1902. Would love to know more. Any help is very much appreciated. Danke.

Jul 26, 2021
Born in Hanau
by: Elizabeth Frey

I was born in 1955 to Elizabeth Frey,and a us army serviceman last name ended in ski from New Jersey. His family owned a trucking company there. He told my mother his parents did not want him to marry a 18yo pregnant german girl. I was later adopted by another girl in 57. If anyone out there may have a clue who my sperm donor dad maybe please send a letter to john at po box722 granite falls,wa 98252. Thank you!

Jul 19, 2021
I am a Hanauerin NEW
by: Gabriele Moeller

I was born and raised in Hanau.
There is some one I like to locate,don't know much about this person.
I know his father was African American officer in the Army he was a Dentist the name is Curtis don't know if first or last name.He had a son named Alexander,my mother took care of him Alexander and I used to play together in 1956 we both were 3 years old.
Any one knows something please let me know

May 21, 2021
A good story of your life NEW
by: John Perez

I was reading about your life in Hanau,as a young man.MY tour with the Army brought me to your city in 1956-1959. I really fell in love with this little town.To me being from Jackson,Michigan with about 90K people was big for a young man like me, your city very easy to get around,I did meet alot people who showed me the city. I would like to return to Hanau to see all the improvements that has taken place. I have seen many pictures of my old Kaserne it looks in bad shape. I even believe I might have a son or daughter there. I married young Germany girl in 1957 and she gave me a good looking son and both are living in the USA.
thanks for listing to me.

Apr 12, 2021
Who wrote the article on 21/01/01 ???? NEW
by: Frank

I want to get in touch with the person who posted the comment here in January 2021.01.01

I am just wondering NEW
from: Anonymous

Looking for surviving family members of Emil Bielewski. Wife Rosa (Koch) Bielewski from Hanau Germany

Please contact me, I am a grandson of Rosa and Emil Bielewski

Greetings Frank

Jan 02, 2021
Fond Memories by: Joanne NEW
by: Anonymous

I painted some of those Quansi huts with the fairy tale pictures on them. My brother went to that school and I went to one on Pioneer (the one that had housing and the legal office in it later).
Patricia Lavenz Goff
72-96 Happy Hanau.

Jan 02, 2021
Memories.... by: Monique NEW
by: Anonymous

I was in Hanau at the same time and I have memories of the same teachers.
Patricia Lavenz Goff

Jan 01, 2021
Love Hanau
by: Joseph

I served in Fliegerhorst which is now not there. I loved the whole community of civilians and Military. I Miss Germany. I was blessed to serve as a Cold War Warrior...Always on Guard but never Evil...God Bless Germany...

Jan 01, 2021
Just Wondering NEW
by: Anonymous

Looking for any surviving Emil Bielewski family members. Wife Rosa (Koch) Bielewski from Hanau Germany

Dec 01, 2020
Looking for Birth Family in Hanau? I may be able to help...
by: Dee ( Marianne)

You may contact me at preshush at

I do searches as a Pay it Forward and therefore do not charge.

Dec 01, 2020
Happy Hanau
by: Patricia Lavenz Goff

Fond Memories
by: Joanne

Joanne I was in 6th grade and we helped paint the brothers Grimm fairy tales on the buildings in Sportsfield. They were later torn down and a real brick school was built. I was in Hanau from 72-96.

Dec 01, 2020
Happy Hanau NEW
by: Patricia Lavenz Goff

by: Monique

I would love a picture of Ms. Twiggs. She was my favorite teacher too.

Dec 01, 2020
Happy Hanau
by: Patricia Lavenz Goff

We were stationed in Hanau from 72 to 96. It will always be home in my heart. I grew up there. So many memories of riding the bus downtown with my mother and later on my own. Later I got my own car and apartments from Hanau, Steinheim, to Sommborn. My mother lived in Ravolzhausen. So many happy years of travelling all over the Hanau area along with other trips around Germany. I loved going to the Rhein River and towns around the Rhein. My mother lives in Stuttgart now so I never get to Hanau anymore. Maybe one day I will rent a car and go there for a day. Sadly now that the bases are closed I don't have any friends there any more.

Feb 20, 2020
My Mother was a Repp Granmirgwr Paula Koerner Koerner
by: Cindy Tucker

My sister already wrote in comments but I thought I would too
Last year we did 23 and me and found some interesting things
This is my Email cindyluhoo46@ My sister Judy came across this article because of watch the news about the shootings in Germany. Thanks Cindy

Feb 19, 2020
My mother’s name was elfridal repp
by: Judith Repp hoppe

My grandmother was a koerner from Hanau I was born Frankfurt in 1946... please contact me at

Nov 07, 2019
Looking for child I adapted out
by: Sheila Defibaugh

I gave up my son for adoption in 1989. He was born October 26,1989 in the main hospital in hanau Germany. My social worker was herr joblonski. I'm not sure if he still works at the standusamt not sure if I spelled it right but I was just curious if his parents who adopted him still let him know about his real parents like they promised. Their names were Barbara and Werner no last name due to privacy of the adoption. I would like for my son to know that I would like to meet him if he is willing.

Jul 07, 2019
by: Lois V

two years ago I found this website in search of my brother....well, I found him through DNA on in January, 2019....thank you to all who commented...and tried to blessed now...we have met and spent hours talking...he is planning another visit soon to meet the rest of his new found family....for those still in a quest to find family, don't give up...I spent almost 20 years...

Jul 07, 2019
Searching for info on German birth father
by: Tony

I was born in Hannau on 22/4/1969. My birth mother was a 18 year old Italian woman named Assunta Milli and my birth father was a German named Waldemar Fischer. He was born in 1941. I was placed into an orphanage right after I was born and like many was adopted by an American military family. This group has been great help in putting me in touch with resources in Hanau. I was able to receive a copy of my German birth certificate. My birth mother was married to an Italian man living in Germany but I found out he was not my birth father. I have found out that my birth mother died in 1991. I have been in contact with many of my cousins from Italy and they were quite shocked when I told them who I was. If anyone in this group lives in Hanau, I would appreciate any help if they have info on Waldemar Fischer that was born in 1941. I dont care to connect with him but would love to put this part of my life story behind me.

Jul 07, 2019
by: sp/4 Joseph Weaver

I was stationed at Fliegerhorst in Erlensee, from march 1977- to June 1979. what a time to be alive. At the time I did not think that. I was 19 and learning for the first time to be away from home. Little did I know how serious, It was. Guarding the Fulda Gap against the Soviets. I can go on, but I must say. I loved Germany and all my Army buddies. I did not want to go home, or was so acclimated, I just do not know. I know I miss being with the guys and girls, and being in Love. And yes, very Young. don't look but you grow old quick...

Jul 24, 2018
by: Kim Mann

Hello Chris. I am from Missouri. I have 3 sisters. My older sister remembers getting a phone call about a sibling in Germany when she was a teenager. Do you have any more details about your father?

May 31, 2018
Looking for brother
by: Lea Ann

I’m trying to find or locate my brother who was born in Hanau, I believe in Wolfgang. He was adopted by an America military family with 42 Ord. stationed at Pioneer Kaserne I think .
From the information I have been given he was born July 1-7th? In 1958. I would like to visit with anyone who might have been stationed there or has information.
Thank you and best of luck to everyone else who is looking for family.

Apr 29, 2018


Jan 30, 2018
I am looking for my grandmother
by: Nikita Volkova

My mother was born May 17 1957 in Hanau, and she was adopted out to an American military family, Charles and Ruth Shuford. Mum's birth name was Rosita(sp?) Koch.I am looking for any biological family on my mum's side. If this rings a bell, or anything, please email

Thank you. Sorry to have such sketchy details, but it's all I have.

May 18, 2017
I am looking for my daughter and her Mother
by: Joe Morones Jr

My daughter, Jennifer Uschi Knoll, was born on August 20, 1971 in Hanau, Her Mother is Elizabeth "Alice" Knoll, who now is 68 yrs old, her birthday is in January.

I am looking to find out any information on them.

I now live in Sacramento, Ca., my health is not good and was hoping to locate them. I have an email j.morones at, I am also on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.

Mar 07, 2017
Find family members
by: Rita

Hello everyone who is searching for family members,

Read all the comments here, I have listed the contact details of the registry office in Hanau. There is also Dee who published an email and offers to help.

Wishing you all good luck,

Feb 24, 2017
Looking for info
by: Shirley J Cates

Looking for my Daughter in Laws Family
by:Shirley Cates

Lisa's mom was born in Hanau Aug 1 1931 her Name was Frieda Lisalotte Elise Kausel her mother was Eleanor( not sure which way it was spelled in Germany don't know the fathers Name, Frieda was with or married to a Italian(don't know name) and had a daughter Nora Lacretia born 21 Aug 1954 at Hanau, and then Married a American that was stationed at army base(anyone know the name of base)near Frankfort in 1958-62 and came to the states with him. the mother Eleanor later married a Rudy Feldman of the Hanau area, I would like to find a Kausel that might remember these people, or someone who could or would look up maybe birth records in Hanau, as there is no way Lisa or I would ever be able to go to Germany. Anyway Lisa has no family left other then us in america, and would like to know she belongs to someone over there, Thanks this is a neat site,

Feb 24, 2017
Looking for a sister
by: Looking for a sister

My father was in the US Army in Germany from 1958-1962 he was a mechanic. I have been told he got someone pregnant there and his father sent him money for her before he left the country. My Fathers name was Robert J Benevides. If you were born during that time ask your mother if he could be your father. He is portugese has had dark black hair and brown eyes, its possible his child would as well, knowing the mom was a beautiful blonde. My father has passed but I have always wondered about my sister. thanks please email with any leads also his nickname was Jasper and his friend was Munk who married her sister and brought to the states. I wish I had more info.

Feb 15, 2017
May be a long shot!
by: Kay Bates

Hey Chris, just ran into your website. My father was stationed in Hanau Germany in 63-64. Me and my 2 brothers grew up with a rumor that my Dad had fathered a child in Germany. For some reason we had always heard that we had a brother in Germany. Never asked Dad but my Mom told me about it and I thought she was full of it! I would love to talk to you more about it. I'm sure it was common back then for the Military to mingle so I bet the chances are odd but still.

Jan 15, 2017
New Freiheitsplatz
by: Rita

You wouldn't recognise Freiheitsplatz anymore. Five years ago, a huge rebuilding started. the first thing was that all the trees were cut, a sad sign.
Now we have a huge shopping centre and the public library there.
The bus station was also rebuilt, which was good, it is much nicer now.

I've got many photos of the remodelling of Freiheitsplatz on my Facebook page. Click here for Hanau Freiheitsplatz pictures.

Jan 15, 2017
Jim von Hessen Homburg went to Bad Homburg
by: Anonymous

3 times while he was stationed in Hanau & once it
was snowing , but not very cold and the snow
melted as soon as it hit the pavement, but covered
the grass and trees. It was one of most beautiful
things I ever remember seeing. I googled Bad-
Homburg and found out why it was not bombed during
WW II. The British Royal Family who are Germans
had some cousins living there who liked to gamble.
All wars are bankers wars. Check it out on You
Tube; Mike Rivero explains it very well. Tom
Goodrich wrote a book about final days of WW II
and it is called " Terrorstorm". Mike Alpha
9554 and the Soviet Military Liason Missions;
did you ever see one ? Neither did I. Some
guys in my platoon did. Wiedersehn Jim

Jan 15, 2017
by: Jim von Hessen Homburg

I went to Hanau in 1989 24 years after I was
there in the army. Lamboy Strasse had been made into a 4 lane and all those trees that had lined Lamboy Strasse were gone. The trees in the Freiheitz Platz were a lot bigger than they were when I departed.
There were not near as many bars in Hanau as there were in '65. If you go to you can see a lot German stuff on TV.

Jan 15, 2017
Half Brother search
by: Lois V

Dear Tony and Rita. thank you so much...I am so much closer than I have ever been to finding him....I will let you know how this turns thankful I was guided to this website...Lois V

Jan 15, 2017
Never give up hope
by: Tony C

I am writing this message to inform you to never give up hope. I was born in Hanau in 1969 to a very young Italian family. At birth, I was put up for adoption and later adopted by an American military family. Thanks to this group I was able to get in contact with Herr Volker Profeld at the birth registry office in Hanau. He was able to provide me with my German birth certificate but more importantly my birth parents Italian marriage license. Long story short, they have since passed away but I have been connected with cousins and aunts from Italy that I never knew.

Jan 15, 2017
Find your half brother
by: Rita

Hi Lois,

It is not easy to get the information without the name of the mother and baby.
Is your father still alive? Maybe he can write to the registry office in Hanau. They often ask if there is a legal right to get the information.

But you can also contact them and give all the information/names you have. It is good to add a certified copy of your passport as well.

Registry office, Steinheimer Straße 1 b,
63450 Hanau, Fax: 0049 6181 295 649

Good luck,

Jan 14, 2017
Half Brother search
by: Lois V

Looking for my half brother, born August-October 1953 in Hanau. I only know my father paid child support until the mother and child moved to the US sometime during 1958-1960? Is it possible to find the child's birth records with only the fathers name? Please this is very emotional for me and do not want to go down another unsuccessful path...thank you to anyone that can advise me.

Dec 12, 2016
I was born in Hanau in 1948
by: AnonymousJudith Melillo

I was born in Hanau to Lithuanian refugees and was born in a displaced persons camp there. My parents and I immigrated to Australia in 1950 and moved to the United States in 1954. Have no stories of Hanau other than it used to be a very famous silversmith town before the war.

Oct 20, 2016
Denise- Eveline Degenhardt
by: Dee


I was born in Hanau and have located my birth family. Please feel free to email me at preshush at Gmail dot com.

Your search may be easier than you think.

Search Angel
*Always Paying it Forward*

Oct 20, 2016
I saw the movie " It's Mad Mad Mad World in the Kaserne
by: Jim von Hessen-Homburg Kaserne

As I walked back to the barracks I wondered
what all those M-60 tanks were there for and
then I realized I was still in the army and
still had over a year to go. The elector of
Hanau is the guy who was a coin collector and made
Amschel Bauer real rich, So Bauer changed his
name and took over the finances of the world.
The world was MAD in 1964, but it is real crazy
now. I assume the Bauer family is doing OK.
They changed it to Rothschild. The Fourth Reich
of the Rich is where you can read the whole
story. Des Griffin is the author of a lot of
books about what really happened. So now you know
why the Goldscheidhaus is in Hauau .

Oct 20, 2016
my awesome time in germany
by: sp/4

I was stationd at pioneer kaserne /19th maintance co. awesome of a country and city it was. I still am in awe of what I experienced rindsworth und senf always will be addicted to that

Oct 05, 2016
Searching ...
by: Denise

I was born in Hanau, Germany, June 3, 1957, as Eveline Degenhardt. My mother's name was Doris Degenhardt.I was adopted by an American family via an orphanage run by nuns when I was about two years old. I know absolutely nothing else about my family or background. However, I do have my adoption papers and German birth certificate. Where would I start to possibly find out more information?

May 10, 2016
Searching for family
by: Erika Boettcher

Hello, I am searching for any family! I was born in Altenhaslau, Germany in 1955. My mother was Waltraud Boettcher born in Potsdam, Germany in 1936. My my never told my father of me, and I understand his name to be Philipp Buchmann, Not sure of spelling! Some of the Surnames in my family are Doescher, Ludtke, Hoffmann, Boettcher. I am 61 yrs. old and hoping to find my bio father or any family from my home country. I live in the U.S. and came her in 1960. I was 5 yrs.old. My Great Grandparents owned and operated the Golden Lion in Stralsund, Germany. My mother was very discrete and did not talk about our family! Any help finding family, would be greatly apprecaited. Thank you!

Apr 15, 2016
Was born in Hanau Germany 1955
by: Lisa Sorensen

Looking for my birth mother whose name is Magaret Hack. I was born Nov. 24, 1955 to her. She gave me up to an Military couple. She is probably 79 or so. Any information about her or her family would be greatly appreciated....I am interested in my medical records from my family.

Feb 29, 2016
by: T.C

I was born in Hanau, Germany on 4/22/69. My name at birth was Andreas Perrone. At 3 months I was orphaned. From what I have learned my mother's name was Milli Perrone (Assunta) and my father's name was Salvatore Perrone. At 46 years old, I am not to concerned with reuniting with them or even asking why. I am interested to see if I have any siblings. Hoping to get info on where/how to start finding info on them.


Jul 19, 2015
searching for answers....
by: Sebeikat

My mother was born there, as was I, my father was stationed in Frankfurt. My mother does not speak much of it... My grandparents have passed. I was born at the hospital in Hanau. She was the oldest of 5. Two sisters are in the US (Sabrina and Heike).... I know there is a brother named Frank that is still there, and into the soccer scene. I know Sebeikat is not a common name so I am just reaching for anything. I know my grandfather was a painter..... I was born in 1980. My mother in 1962. She was 17 when she got pregnant. I really want to get more information regarding this side of my family....


Jun 13, 2015
by: Rita

Has your boyfriend a birth certificate? Is the name of the father listed there?

If he has none, he could contact the registry office in Frankfurt to get one from verwaltung.amt34 at

I've described which info is needed in an answer from January 02 2012 further down on this page.

When he has the correct name, and hopefully the prooof that this man is listed as his father, he could contact the registration office in Hanau for his address stadtladen at

I am not sure if you can manage to get all the info and certificates by email, because they usually charge a fee. But you can try.

Good luck.

Jun 08, 2015
Trying to help boyfriend
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend (German-American) was born in Frankfurt Germany in August, 1969 and returned to the states with his mother a couple of months later. She was in Germany with her parents (her dad was in the service) and sister from 1967 to late 1969. His biological father is a German man who lived in Hanau. We have a name....Wolfgang Schliech or Schlitz (not sure which or of the spelling) and he was a few years older than she was (she was born in 1953). My boyfriend has often wondered about his biological dad and whether he is even still alive. Any help would be appreciated.

May 30, 2015
by: Monique

Today, I found a picture of my most favorite teacher from Hanau Elementary -Mrs Twigg - she forever changed my life.

I ran acrross this page while doing search to see what ultimately happened to her and some others.
Mr Wong, Mr Hanna, Mrs Yeager, Principal Mceachren.Mrs Trueheart....

My family was in Germany from 1976 - 1979 and I still have the fondest of memories from my time there.

Dec 09, 2014
Das alte
by: Wolfgang O

Ich wolte nur mal meine meinung sagen.
Ich war in hanau geboren. Und Habe vielle .
Gute zeiten in hanau erlebt. Aber wie es Jetzt
Ist da will Ich kein hanauer sein.
Das bürgerfest ? Warum nicht im sloss wie es war in den .
1970 jaren Und das lamboyfest in der stad Und nicht im wald
Wie es war . Ja die Zeit 😳 än den bürgermrister von hanau
Eine bitte ! Bring das bürgerfest doch noch ein mal in das sloss wie es war nur ein mal . Das wäre geil.
Ein alter hanauer

Sep 08, 2014
Norm Jarvis
by: Ken Hatley

HI Norm,
The K-9 Handler I remember most, his last name was Thielman, another one at the Marionstrasse was Burgess, a red headed onlder guy that ran the station like a desk sgt, another one was Berndt Wagner, a big blond headed guy, a great guy, am\nd a slender dark headed one named Jurgen also, I think Jurgen was from the LandPoliziei. I also taught English at the Hessian Polizei Academy in Hanau.
I think I remember your name, I was sent there from Frankfurt toward the end of 1976. I can't remember if Col Chesney was srtill PMN in Frankfurt, or Col HOlloway was the PM then.
Ken Hatley

Sep 07, 2014
The real reason for W W 2
by: Jim von Hessen Homburg

Deanna Spingola explains it very well in pages

58 thru 61 of her book " The Ruling Elite "

which you can get from Amazon or direct from

Deanna by going to I was in

awe of how many Gast Arbeiters were in Hanau

while there was so much unemployment in the US.

The Germans know something about how to run an

economy that the powers that be in the US do

want you to know about.

So Long Jim von Hessen-Homburg

Sep 06, 2014
Help find my family
by: Anonymous

I am looking for my mothers family from Hanou either Repp or Koerner I was born in 1946 in Frankfurt I do not know my father. I am sure he was an American. Before I die I would like to find some of my fiamily

Jul 22, 2013
Search Angel with offer to help others find Birth Families in Germany
by: Dee

I too was adopted and have since found my 9 siblings and information about my Mother who passed in the mid 1970's. I have since helped many people locate their birth families. As a rule the American GI's (birth Fathers) are rarely found. It is said if a GI impregnated a German woman with no intent to marry her, they were dishonorably discharged. Most of them hit the trail for home (the USA). Some women got lucky and the GI would take her to America. This was as has been posted earlier the intent for most pregnancies. If the GI left Germany then the woman was unable to support the child and more times than not, the child was adopted.

If you would like my help please email me at
preshush at gmail dot com.

Thanks and Good Luck with your searched!!
Great video and site!!

Search Angel
*Always Paying it Forward*

Apr 12, 2013
Military Police
by: Norm Jarvis

Ken Hatley, I guess you picked up liaison with the Polizei after I left. No one could speak enough German to fill my position when I rotated to the Provost Marshal’s aide prior to leaving for good in July 1976. I too had the privilege of working with the Hanau city and state Polizei while stationed there as an MP from 1974-76. I can vouch for the friendliness and brotherhood of the Polizei there. What a blast. I wish I could remember their names. I really looked forward to an occasional drive around the area with “Lazo” (phonetic), my favorite K-9, and his human partner, I believe his name was Jürgen. I was constantly invited to their family events and parties. Gifts of dried trout from a weekend of fishing were dropped off at the MP station for me to enjoy, and Christmas parties with their family, which was priceless to a young man so far from home. I developed a fondness for the German people and the countryside while there. I worked as a policeman, 2 years as a K-9 officer, through college and then joined the US Secret Service which allowed me to return to Hanau in 1991. I was in Munich with VP Dan Quail and took a few days of vacation and drove to Hanau. Unfortunately that was the last time I was there. Much had changed, but Pioneer Kaserne was still active and the MP station was still there. All the “short timer” boots were taken off the power lines however (You would appreciate what that means), and the other Kasernes had been shut down. Now it’s all gone I guess.

Thanks for sharing your memories. It caused me to reflect as well, especially after losing my buddy, another MP from Hanau, to cancer last month. We were in constant contact and shared a lot of memories of Hanau when we got together each year.

Jan 30, 2013
Lost Love
by: Tim Draper

I was in the service in Germany, met a girl named Samona and lost contact with her. Don't recall her last name, but I remember her father was spanish and mother was german. She had a brother named Frank and her father was a diamond setter and ran his business at home. Is there anyone who may know her or her whereabouts please contact me at Thank you. TIM

Jan 29, 2013
Looking for my Daughter in Laws Family
by: AnonymousShirley Cates

Lisa's mom was born in Hanau Aug 1 1931 her Name was Frieda Lisalotte Elise Kausel her mother was Eleanor( not sure which way it was spelled in Germany don't know the fathers Name, Frieda was with or married to a Italian(don't know name) and had a daughter Nora Lacretia born 21 Aug 1954 at Hanau, and then Married a American that was stationed at army base(anyone know the name of base)near Frankfort in 1958-62 and came to the states with him. the mother Eleanor later married a Rudy Feldman of the Hanau area, I would like to find a Kausel that might remember these people, or someone who could or would look up maybe birth records in Hanau, as there is no way Lisa or I would ever be able to go to Germany. Anyway Lisa has no family left other then us in america, and would like to know shw belongs to someone over there, Thanks this is a neat site,

Dec 13, 2012
Fond Memories
by: Joanne

Wow! It was wonderful to hear and see Hanau once again! I was fortunate to be a teacher at Hanau Elementary School for two years in the late 70's. I worked for Dept. of Defense Schools and taught 1st Grade at the annex called Sportsfield. Our classrooms were actually old army buildings called quansta-huts. Since Hanau is the home of the Grimm Brothers, the community painted the front of our classrooms to look like scenes from the famous fairy tales. My classroom was Hut 273, Hansel and Gretel. It was one of the most amazing times of my life. I even met my husband there (He was an officer in the Army stationed in Hanau.) Our school had a "Volksmarch" and I treasure the wonderful medal we designed for the event I will never forget the wonderful people of Hanau and how they were so nice to Americans.

Nov 08, 2012
I frequently think of Hanau
by: Jim

I was in Hessen-Homburg Kaserne from July '63 til

Sept.'65. I cried when I left. I remember Andre'

from Chicago the owner of the Teddy Bar which was

near the Stadt Bad and Robert who had Schell-Imbis

on Lamboy Strasse near the Kaserne. Robert was

from England. I remeber a tall blonde girl named

Franceska who was 13 in 1963 and she looked a lot

like Paris Hilton. I remember a girl from England

who taught school in Hanua and she drove a Mini-

Minor a red one and she would take a load of

us G.I.s from the Milch Bar back to the Kaserne.

The was a conductress on the bus that went from

the Kaserne to the Freiheit Platz that was ex-

tremely attractive and the women who tended bar

at the Jazz Club which was only open on week-ends

and she was also movie star beautiful. I remember

being in a Gasthaus right after JFK was killed

and some woman came up to me and tried to explain

to me how bad she felt about JFK. I could get

an excellent Wiener Schnittzell there and a small

beer for 4 DM at the time. I did not like the

Army, but I really liked Germany.

Oct 08, 2012
Great Times in Hanau
by: Tom Mayo

Best time in the world in Hanau. Met my future wife there. Married in Berlin.
Stationed at Hutier (155th Sig , 2nd Support Bde).
Used to drink at Zum Storchennest. Does anybody
remember the bar and what street it was on?

Sep 01, 2012
Daughter of Kenneth Lynn Sloan
by: Lisa Sloan

I was not born in Hanau but had a sister born there. My Father was stationed over there around 1957-1959? not sure for sure, and while over there. Doris came close and I was hopefully. Doris how many people lived in Hanau during this eary days of the 1950's? If you could help me in anyway I really want to know. It is very imperative that I contact her because I want to know her very badly. I know she exists but do not know her Mother's name or her's.

My email is I hope you see this and contact me.

Lisa Sloan

Feb 28, 2012
Birth Certificate
by: Doris

Thank you Rita for your response on my situation and your time spent in the research. I will certainly attempt to email request for my original birth certificate. I'm enjoying reading everyone's comments of times spent in Hanau. My dream is to one day go back and revisit my place of birth. Last time I was there was in 1977 with my mother after the death of my American step-father. Since this time I understand the US military post is no longer there.
I appreciate reading this blog about my heritage.
Thank you all!!

Feb 28, 2012
Lived in Hanau
by: LaGirl

I really think of Hana often remembering the good times there. My ex-husband was in the Army and we lived off base also. I still know my old address: 2020 Intergartel Rodenbach-2nd Floor, Hana, Germany. I've aged now but still plan to visit before I part from this world. Toom Mart was the place to shop. Frankfurt was a good place also. Never shopped on base. Everyone their was very friendly. The Taxi cab drivers thought I was a War Baby that means that my father is american solider and mother is german. I would reply nix warbaby american mother and american father. Really enjoyed it. So clean the air and the neighborhoods. You never saw trash on the ground. Do they still have on the beginning of each month called junking. Oh!!!!!!!!!!no stray animals either.

Jan 02, 2012
Weather in Hanau
by: Rita

Temperatures are like spring, 10°C to 13°C on New Years Day. Today it was raining all day, and a cool change with more wind and rain is forcasted. No winter yet. Actually, I don't need snow :).


Jan 02, 2012
Thyank You
by: Ken Hatley

Thank you so much for the information, and quick response. What is the weather like there now?
Ken H

Jan 02, 2012
Hanauer Anzeiger
by: Rita

Hi Ken,

I am pleased to read that you have such positive memories of Hanau, and that you are able to visit every now and then.

The daily newspaper here is the Hanauer Anzeiger, one of the oldest newspapers in Germany.


Jan 02, 2012
Hanau Newspaper
by: Ken Hatley

Does any one remember the name of the News paper in Hanau? Also, I want to see if I can get a copy of a story that ran in the late 70's there that was a big story, it was about three MP's that were stabbed on Kramer Strasse. I think it was 1977, so if anyone that is there could get their contact info for either their archives or the number I could call to get it, I would be most grateful.
Thanks so much. I hope all had a Merry Christmas and a will have a wonderful New Year, Frohe Weinacthen and Glucklis Nues Jahr. I apologize for not having my German alphabet on htis computer, but the message is from the heart.

Ken Hatley

Jan 02, 2012
How to obtain a birth certificate from Hanau
by: Rita

Hello Doris, and everyone interested,

I finally managed to call the civil registry office (Standesamt) in Hanau to ask them how you can get a birth certificate (Geburtsurkunde) if you were born in Hanau.

The nice man told me you can request it by email. Normally, they charge 10 €, but perhaps they'll just send it for free to the US.

Information they need:

1) Date of birth
2) Your full name and sex
3) Name of your mother

If you have more information and names send it too. If you were adopted, let them know, perhaps they have information about that as well. Explain what you know about the circumstances surrounding your birth.

Send your enquiry to

Standesamt Hanau, email:

You will receive a certified (beglaubigt) excerpt from the register of births (Geburtenregister).

Hope this helps.


Dec 20, 2011
Birth Certificate
by: Ken Hatley

Yes, you could go to the Rathuas, and give them your date of birth. Do you know your Mother's maiden name? That would also have been yours, or you can possibly check with the Hospitals in Hanau.

Dec 20, 2011
Birth Certificate - Hanau
by: Doris

Yes, I was born in Hanau in 1952 to unwed German mother. Adopted by an American GI at age of six when they married. Naturalized thru mother's citizenship but never had an original birth certificate. I've lived in the states most of my life but would like to get my real birth certificate. Anyone out there have any suggestions of how I can retain this cert from Hanau? Thank you for your help.

Nov 27, 2011
MY Life IN Hanau
by: Ken Hatley

You are so correct on Hanau, I spent almost 4 years in Hanau as a Military Policeman, and lived off post, had a nice apartment on Koerner Strasse, near the LandPolizei Sation. I spoke German and was the unit translater of the C.O. quite frequently. Also, when I went to work, it was on Patrol with the German Polizei. We became like brothers, especially Berndt Wagner, and Mr Thielman, one of the K-9 Officers. I worked with many of the Polizei, but these guys were special. I was invited many times to their homes for parties, ans they were to mine and my room mate, anotehr MP named Boib Fish forme Keene NH. It was the best time of my life, and a beautiful town. I was there from 1974 until 1978. My life is so much richer for those years in Hanau, and the people I worked and served with, and all the Bar owners, Polizei, and yes even the girls of the evening, because we had to work close with them. I had no affairs with any of those girls, other than friends, and some gave us Christmas presents at Christmas. They knew if there was trouble we were there, and many of the border troops would be out 3 and 4 months with no sight of women or allowed to dring, then when they would get in they had all that money and extra money they got paid for combat pay on the border, or hazardous duty. So they came to town and would try to drink everytihning in town, now want to pay their bar bills, bet in fights, not want to pay the girls, or the cab drivrs, so we were down there setitling the situations, and protecting the citizens, and the soldiers. The G.I.'s never saw it as that:) But the people were so nice, Taxi Driviers, the Streeet Girls, the bar owneres and other businesses. They used to tell us we were the good guysa because we wore the white hats:) The Germnans loved American Westersn, and the coboys always wore white hats, and the bad guys always wore black hats. I love Hanau, and Hanau will be a part of me all of my life. I do go back fairly regulary as I am in the Music Industry and am in Europe frequently. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful pictures and video of Hanau.

Oct 20, 2011
Can I somehow help?
by: Florian

Hey dear all,
I´m living in the area where you guys are talking about.Alzenau/Germany.Dettingen-Karlstein ,Hanau all my area. :) I observed that the spelling of you re mums name doesnt look "german like".Maybe hats the reason you couldn´t find here? Just a idea. Maybe try "Katharina Hildegard Linder". This would be a "typical" german way to write the name.Also with Heinal.I know many people with the name "Heinel".Maybe they were mixing up some "e"´s and were using "a"´s instead.

Btw...after what you were writing in german it´s that she was born under the name "Katharina Hildegard Heinel" and then after marridge changed here name into "Katharina Hildegard Linder".
Hope I could help a bit.


Mar 10, 2011
I was brought up down the road from there
by: Rennie

I was brought up down the road in Karlstein, (B8) I have lived in the States since 1958 but back and forth as my husband was Military and we were stationed at Pioneer three times. We lived at my parents house each time we were stationed there. Only about 10 KM from Hanau.Used to be called Dettingen. I am sorry you were given up for adoption and pray it was a good experience for you, in 1964 noone should have been given up for adoption due to econamic reasons, Germany was booming financially. Thank you for the great video and God bless

Feb 04, 2011
Hi Rita
by: Athony Sexton

Hi Rita,
Thank you for taking the time and looking for the Heinal Name. I do have a birth certificate that bears my mothers full name ( katherina Hildagard Linder. Geboren Heinal I'm assuming that the name may be a married last name but not sure.

Jan 29, 2011
Phone book search
by: Rita

Hi Anthony,

I searched for the name "Heinal" in the local phone book with no luck. There was not a single match.

Please post again here if you find out more.

Chris, I was on the market this morning and heard the bells chiming and suddenly thought about your great videos.


Jan 29, 2011
Response to Anthony regarding Born in Hanau
by: Chris Tully

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your posting.

The most helpful tip I could give to you is to try to visit Germany. While this is not a cheap venture, it is easier to get information at the source of your birth.

If your German birth certificate states your biological mother's address at the time you were given up for adoption, that is the city's rathaus you should visit. The Germans keep exceptional records, though a lot of the ones before our time were destroyed in bombing during the war.

Another suggestion is to visit Churches in the area you were born, as they may have records as well.

Bring your German birth certificate with you and any information you have regarding your birth mother and birth name.

It's well worth it and there is probably a whole other family out there!

I hope you don't mind, but I responded to your email address as well and gave you my contact information if you would like more details.

Best of luck!

Chris Tully

Jan 28, 2011
Great Video
by: Anthony Sexton

I Thank you for bringing me closer to my birthplace, you see like you I to was adopted in the early 60's to a American adoptive father and a german mother who both now are passed. I have been now real interested in trying to at least finding my bith mother just to know about her and my true make up. again like you I'm sure my bith father too was an american serviceman not really sure none the less I like to at least know my mother born in hanau 1960 last name @ birth Heinal. Could you give me any tips on how or where I can start my search. Again thank you for the brief tour of Hanau.

Sep 15, 2010
by: Rita

Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad you like the city where you were born. It must have been very moving to come back to Hanau, going back to the roots.

Many German Girls had relationships with American guys in the 50 and 60s. They hoped for a better life in the US, and for opportunities they didn't see in post-war Germany. Some love stories didn't find a happy end, unfortunately.

Hanau's citizens had always good relations with the Americans stationed in the city. Especially young people were fascinated by the American way of life, rock music, jazz and swing. On the other hand, Americans were happy to make friends and explore a bit of the surrounding areas with them.

Well, the era of the internet might help you to find your dad some day.

I agree with you, Hanau is definitely worth a visit.


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