Work Commuting in Germany

Commuting to work with the ICE train

Commuting to work with the ICE train

If I want to travel from Hannover to Kassel on a daily bases to commute to work, how much will it cost me and are there special offers in this situation?

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Nov 11, 2012
Commuting from Mannheim to Düsseldorf
by: Rita

Hi Srinath,

Of course it is possible, bit it is also somewhat time-consuming and expensive.

A monthly train ticket for the route (including the use of ICE / IC / EC trains) costs 664,00 Euro per month, or about 6660 Euro for a yearly subscription.

If you stay at least for a year I would suggest to buy a Bahncard 100 which costs 3990 Euro per year. With this Bahncard you can travel on ALL Deutsche Bahn services within Germany for one year.

The best connections from Mannheim to Düsseldorf take about 2 hours, so that means you spend about 4 hours a day commuting.


Nov 06, 2012
by: Srinath


I am moving to Germany next month and will be staying in Mannheim and commuting daily to my workplace in Dusseldorf.

Can you tell me if this is possible and how much it may cost?

Thanks a lot in advance

Sep 17, 2011
Commuter train tickets
by: Rita


The best option for commuting is to buy a monthly, or an annual ticket. A Bahncard 100 could also be worth to consider when you work for at least one year in Germany.

There are ICE and IC connections from Hannover to Kassel, the journey takes about 1 hour with the ICE train. As both Kassel and Hannover are fairly big cities, you will certainly need local transport to get from and to the train stations as well.

Monthly / annual commuter tickets are not sold on the internet, so I cannot say what it will cost. You need to get advice from the DB service centre at the train station in Hannover or Kassel.

Perhaps your work place can also help, maybe they even offer a job ticket for their employees, or perhaps pay you kilometre allowance.

For such a long distance (about 160km on the road) the ticket is certainly not inexpensive.


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