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Train Connection in Koln

by Ken Manley
(Alameda, Ca. USA)

Train station in Cologne / Köln

Train station in Cologne / Köln

We are traveling from Berlin to Paris, with a connection in Koln. We transfer from ICE train 944 to Thalys train 9436. 12 minutes between trains with luggage. Platform information please?

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Jun 11, 2014
Train platform
by: Nishad

i have booked a train from Frankfurt to Kolen which departure 5.09 pm from Frankfurt. anybody can help me out with platform number?

Aug 05, 2012
No panic
by: Rita

Sorry Bob, I missed your message. I hope all went well.

You usually can find platform information on your online ticket, and when you search for your train at the DB website. However, departure platforms can change at short notice, so it is always good to check at the train station on your day of travel.


Jul 19, 2012
No Panic-hopefully
by: Bob Wood

Leaving Koln for Brussels' 1143 on the 27th July --haven't got much time ---could you tell me the departure platform and roughly where voiture 22 would be in the train--I used to be able to find a site that showed formations but maybe it has gone
Many thanks

Mar 22, 2012
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Danke Rita!

Mar 21, 2012
Train & Platform Info
by: Rita

Hi Kristen & Oakebury,

You can search for train connections, platform information and also book online at the DB website.

Click on "show details", or on the arrow left of your connection to see all details. Platform information is usually given, too.

However, be aware that announced platforms can change for varied reason, so always check the announcement boards at train stations.

Unfortunately, the DB website doesn't give any platform information for the ICE 17 departing Brussels Midi tomorrow. I am sorry, I can't help, Oakebury.


Mar 21, 2012
transferring trains
by: Anonymous

Dearest Rita,

Last year it took me nearly an hour to find on the site where the diagram and notations of which track/gleis each train came in and out of for Koeln.

I thought I had bookmarked it.

Do you have a link to that info?I will be traveling again this summer and will need to check which track many trains come in and depart on because of short connections between trains

Thank you so much


Mar 21, 2012
ICE 17 from Brussels Midi to Koln
by: Oakebury

Please can you tell me from what platform the ICE 17 train at 1425 tomorrow 22nd march 2012 leaves i only have 20 minutes to make the connection and knowing the platform number would be of great help

Jul 19, 2011
Platform Info
by: Rita


yes, the DB website is accurate with the platform / Gleis information. But sometimes it happens that a train leaves from a different platform.

Don't wast your time checking the yellow timetable. But you should glance at the electronic board when you arrive at the platform before you enter the train.

Sure, you can walk in the train to find your seat, although it can be a challenge with luggage and other oncoming people.


Jul 19, 2011
Connection in Koeln
by: Anonymous

I show RE 12076 coming in on #1 and then ICE 128 leaving 7 minutes late from #4--is the site pretty accurate as far as what platforms they come in on? I don't want to spend 5 of my 7 minutes looking for a monitor to confirm where it comes in and miss it.

Once we get TO the ICE train we can just get on and then find the car/seat once on so we don't miss it, right?

Jun 20, 2011
Frankfurt Airport to Brussels Midi
by: Rita


ICE 126 usually stops at Frankfurt airport on platform 7 at the Fernbahnhof (long distance train station). The train arrives at platform 4 in Cologne.

As I said in the comment above Thalys 9436 departs from platform 8, section C-F, so you have to change platforms.

Occasionally it happens that trains arrive/depart on other platforms than scheduled on the timetable, so always check the information signs and listen to the announcements.


Jun 20, 2011
Train Travel from Frankfurt Airport to Brussels Midi
by: Reader's Question

I have a ticket booked on ICE train 126 from Frankfurt HB to Brussels Midi and must transfer onto Thalys 9436 in Cologne to get to Brussels. I only have about 10mins between transfers in Cologne.
1. Does the train leave from Frankfurt airport or must I go into the main Frankfurt station to catch ICE 126?
2.Which platform will ICE 126 arrive on in Cologne?
3. Which platform will Thalys 9436 leave from in Cologne?

May 15, 2011
Cologne railway station
by: Rita

Hi Ken,

ICE 944 should arrive on track 7 in Cologne, and the Thaly 9436 leaves on track 8 section C - F, although that can change occasionally.
Unfortunately, these tracks are not on the same platform.

There are escalators and stairs to go down and up to the next platform.

train information

Platforms at the train station in Köln are fairly long, up to 500m. Sometimes more than one train stands on a platform, so be careful to jump on the right train.

Always check the electronic information signs on the platform, and listen to the announcements. On major train stations like the one in Cologne announcements are made in English language as well.


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