Rail pass for German citizens

by Paula

Regional Express Germany

Regional Express Germany

We are traveling to Germany from the U.S. to visit our foreign exchange student and his family. We are taking he and his brother with us to see Germany on the trains.
We bought RailEurope 5 day passes for us. Is there any multi-day pass a German Youth can purchase? I saw the 175 year celebration on the Bahn site. Is this for Germans? The boys ages are 15 and 13. Thank you.

Response to Rail pass for German citizens

by Rita

Hi Paula,

No, there are no rail passes citizens can use in their own country. However, there are many ways for Germans to save money when they travel within Germany. Booking well in advance to get the limited saver fares (up to 50% off the regular price) is only one option.

You are right, the 175 year celebration passes can be used by Germans. But without knowing your plans, which distances you are going to cover on your travel, I can't say if it is worth the money for the two boys.

There is one pass for 145 € valid for 7 consecutive days. I reckon your rail passes are valid 5 days within a month, so you can stay a day or two at each destination. Travelling 7 days in a row sounds a bit like stress.

The other 175 year celebration pass is valid for unlimited travel within one month and costs 246 Euro per youth. Both offers are only valid until 31. August 2010.

Another option for the boys would be a Youth BahnCard for 10 Euro each. The 10 € for the Youth Bahncard is a one-time fee. The boys could use the card until they turn 19.
With the Bahncard the boys can save 25 % off the regular ticket price (which is only 50% of the adult price for the 13 years old anyway). This would be the most flexible solution for your travel.

Perhaps there are other possibilities beyond my knowledge.

Have a wonderful time in Germany, and feel free to submit your impressions of your journey in another post :).


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