by Marty A
(Isle of Wight, England UK)

Train station Oberammergau

Train station Oberammergau

I am travelling independently to Oberammergau for the Passion Play but am staying in Ohlstadt.
Upon arriving in Munich Monday morning, I would like to travel to Ohlstadt, leave my luggage at my gasthof if possible, and take the train to Oberammergau for the day, returning to Ohlstadt for dinner.

Which train ticket should I buy for the day? Can I buy a daily pass which would cover the trip from Munich to Ohlstadt and the return to and from Oberammergau?

Response to Oberammergau - Ohlstadt

by Rita

Hi Marty,

Yes, there is a day pass called Bayernticket which covers all train routes, S-Bahnen, trams and most buses within Bavaria.
On weekdays you can use the ticket from 9am, it is valid until 3am the next day. A Bayernticket costs 28 Euros for up to 5 persons, or 20 Euros for a single person, when you purchase it online at the Deutsche Bahn website or at a ticket machine on train stations. It costs 2 Euros more when you buy it at a DB travel centre at a station.

The regular price for your journey from Munich Hauptbahnhof to Ohlstadt to Oberammergau and back to Ohlstadt would cost 25.90 Euro for one person. Especially if you travel in company, a Bayernticket would save you a lot of money.

Trains from Munich to Ohlstadt run every hour, and take about an hour. The journey from Ohlstadt to Oberammergau also takes about an hour, you have to change trains in Murnau.
There is another connection from Ohlstadt to Oberau, and from there with a bus to Oberammergau. DB doesn't list a price for the bus, so the train ticket is perhaps not valid on the bus.

Enjoy the Passion Play.


Photo Oberammergauy train station: Wikipedia public domain

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Oct 03, 2010
travel tips to reach oberammergau
by: Aftaab

Hi there

I hope U R fine and healthy . I need your assistance in planning my journey from munich airport to nato school oberammergau. I shall be arriving munich at 2100. which train can I avail to reach my nato lodge.Please give details if possible..Thanking U in anticipation....A traveller

Jul 12, 2010
Thanks for your help
by: Marty A

Thank you very much for your very helpful information, Rita, which will help me save a lot of money, and for your good wishes.

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