Combining Eurail and German Rail Passes

by Sam

Travel by train in Germany

Travel by train in Germany

Hello Rita!

I have a question about combining Rail passes. I'm going to have a Weltmeisterinnen Pass while I'm in Germany, and I was wondering how it plays with Eurail Passes.
That is, if I am visiting Paris, and I have a Benelux/France pass, will my Weltmeisterinnen pass (or a German Rail pass, for that matter) cover the part of the trip inside Germany, and the Eurail pass cover the section outside Germany?
Is there anything I need to do other than use a travel day on the Eurail pass, or do I need a pass that includes Germany?

Thanks for your help!

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May 23, 2011
Combining rail passes
by: Rita

Hi Sam,

You need either an Eurail Selectpass that includes all countries (France, Germany, Benelux), or you have to use a travel day on your France/Benelux Pass and one day on a separate German Rail Pass.

When the combination is France/Benelux Eurail pass and Weltmeisterinnen Pass you only use a travel day on the Eurail Pass.
The Weltmeisterinnen Pass is valid daily for a month, it would cover the journey within Germany. When you purchase the Weltmeisterinnen Pass you set the date when the month begins.

However, the Weltmeisterinnen Pass only offers value when you really travel a lot in Germany, more than 6 train days at least.

Use the Pass Finder to find the perfect pass. You can select the number of travel days for each country and you get various options to choose from.

It all depends on how long you stay in each countries, and how often you use trains. When you are able to plan ahead you can check the Train Ticket Offers for your train connections in Germany. Could be cheaper (although less flexible) than including Germany into your rail pass system.


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