Black Forest

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Schluchsee Boats on the Schluchsee

Hi Rita,

this is Ruby again. I am planning to go to Black Forest for 2-4 days. It seems that Freiburg is a beautiful city. Can I stay in Freiburg and get to the forest? Any local tour or can I go by ourselves via train ? Should I rent a car? Appreciate your advise.

Rita's response

Hi Ruby,

Of course you are more independent when you hire a car. However, from Freiburg you can really explore many towns and attractions described on my southern black forest page by train.

For example, there is a train through the Höllental to Seebrugg on the Schluchsee. The train departs every hour from Freiburg. With your Weltmeisterinnenpass you are free to leave the train whenever you want, and continue the journey an hour later with the next train.

The train stops in Kirchzarten, Hinterzarten, Titisee, Schluchsee & a few smaller villages. You can explore these towns, do a boat cruise on Schluchsee, or hire your own boat.

If you want to visit the Feldberg, the highest mountain in the black forest, I am pretty sure you can catch a bus at one of the train stops.

The first train leaves Freiburg at 08:10am, and the last train returns from Seebrugg on the Schluchsee at 19:39pm. The direct journey takes a little more than 1 hour each way.

I would recommend to go to the visitor information centre in Freiburg, they will have more suggestions, brochures and perhaps even timetables for trains and busses. I guess they also know about tours.

The only tour operator doing I know is a small company called black forest tours. They have no scheduled tours, they customise the tours to the needs of their guests. I like what I see on their website, but I don't know anything about the costs of the tours.


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Apr 25, 2015
Travel from Oberammergau to Freiburg (Black Forest)
by: Kate


I would like to travel from Oberammergau to Freibug. Is there a bus that i could take or other travel options (i don't drive)? I have checked the train and it takes more than 6 hours with multiple changes to reach Freiburg. Thanks.

Aug 05, 2011
hey boiiis
by: manishka

hey, i love the name of this forest, it resembles me in many ways... i have been her 5 times in a row. i love it! enjoy it and be sure to go.

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