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germany-insider-facts.com is a "one-woman" operation that provides free information about all aspects of Germany. Yes, I am happy to share my knowledge and opinions with you.

I guess you like the info on this site? There are several ways you can help that the Germany Insider Facts Guide survives amongst the millions of websites on the internet.

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Sharing my website with your friends is the most important way to support this site. After all, what is a website worth when nobody get to see it?

When you have your own website or blog you can link to your favourite page within the Germany Facts Guide. Links to individual pages of a website, not always to the homepage, are important. Having links to different pages of my website helps the individual pages get ranked with the search engines.

You will find the "social" buttons at the bottom of all pages. This is the easiest way to share my site with your friends at Facebook, Twitter, or whichever social media you use. Sharing individual pages of my website with your buddies in your social networks does help me, that is, my website.

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While it is a lot of fun compiling the info and working on the Germany Facts Guide, maintaining a website also costs money.
To pay the bills and get some reward for my time investment, I have partnered with a few recognised online companies to offer my website visitors services like hotel & tour booking, purchasing train tickets and online shopping.

Everytime you buy a product through one of my affiliate links, I will get a small commission that helps me to keep this website going.

All affiliate products I offer are selected by me. Affiliate products do not influence the content of this website. My articles are always based on my own experience and personal views.

Although I won't be able to use all affiliate products personally, I try hard to check the products for their usefulness for you, my valued website visitor. Of course, I only partner with serious and reliable companies.

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Thank you for your interest in germany-insider-facts.com. Please continue visiting my website as I am going to add new pages regularly.

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