Informal German translator

by Betty

I search the whole world wide web but I cannot find a translator that can translate English sentences to informal way of speaking German. It will be wonderful if you can create one on your website.

In school they teach the formal way and now I don't know how to speak informally to friends, casual way of speaking is so important with peers or to make new friends or chatting.

Please advise if you know of any translator to do this.

Rita's reply -

Hi Betty,

I am afraid to say, I don't have such a tool for you.

When I started with this website, I planned to offer a translation tool so website visitors from all around the world could translate my pages to their own language. I checked a few, but didn't add any to the site. The results were just unacceptable.

Do you know why? All these translators don't have a brain! They translate words, but don't care about grammar and word order in a sentence. They are just programmed like that. The results are just gibberish.

Have a look at my free German lessons. There are the most important examples you should know about formal and informal greetings and addressing friends and business partners. When you know that you say "Du" to friends and "Sie" to people you don't know yet, you have the basic difference between formal and informal approach right.

Don't worry too much. In my opinion Germans are slightly more formal than most people in the English-speaking world. When you already know basic German from school, you will be alright.

You can use the comments to send me more questions or sentences you want me to translate.

Comments for Informal German translator

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Nov 11, 2012
by: Rita

Hi Ruslou,

Here is your translation. There are a few words that can have different translations. I've put them in brackets. It always depends a bit on the context.

Ich liebe (mag) die geheimnisvolle (rätselhafte) Stimmung deines Bildes. Ich sehe ein Gesicht in den Wolken. Liebe die Anordnung (das Arrangement). Das ist ein hervorragendes (außerordentliches, auffallendes) Schattenbild (Scherenschnitt). Genieße den Rest deiner Woche liebe Christa.

If you use Scherenschnitt you need to say hervorragender (außerordentlicher, auffallender) Scherenschnitt because this noun is masculine, and Schattenbild is neuter.


Oct 30, 2012
Translation from English to German
by: Ruslou

Dear Rita

Is it possible for you to translate this to German

"I love the mysterious mood of your photo. I can see a face in the clouds. Love the composition. This is an outstanding silhouette image. Enjoy the rest of your week dear Christa"

Thank you so much


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